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Safe Harbor - Luanne Rice

OVERVIEW and SUMMARY of Safe Harbor by Luanne Rice

Category: Books

Genre: Family

Author: Luanne Rice

Tagline: “No matter where life takes you, you’ll always come home…”

About two sisters Dana and Lily Underhill who loved to do everything together, both are gifted with painting. Dana a free-spirited woman who is so into adventures. Lily on the other hand loves home and gardening and of course painting flowers and vines as well.

When they were young, they taught SAILING at Newport and befriended an 8-yr.-old boy and taught him for free to sail.

Years after….

Dana resides in France and has been around the world while Lily keeps asking her to settle down near where she lives. Then, on a calm, moonlit night an accident occured and Dana was called home to Hubbard’s Point to become the mother of her two young nieces, Quinn and Allie.

As the three of them struggle to begin a new life - while finding the truth about what really happened to Lily and his husband Mark, help comes in the person of an old childhood friend. The 8-year old boy Dana and Lily taught to sail (and saved his life) has now grown tall, a striking Marine bioligist, who has been in love with Dana for years.

A story of motherhood, sisterhood and love. :) Heartwarming.

I like the way Luanne writes, the way she weaves her characters. All her stories (so far, Ive read two of her novels)have simple settings. Nothing flashy, just heartwarming. :) The prescence and constant mention of dolphins and mermaids to most of her books…… making me love it even more. I’ve noticed she mentions characters from other books, somehow the people in her different books are connected to each other. :)

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hey there!….. thanks for dropping by my page. That seems to be a very interesting book. Hope i could read that also…. ^____^

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saw this one in National Bookstore last time but never had the chance to turn the pages or read the spoiler at the back cover, heart-warming to for sure

Apr 4, 7:19 AM

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