Sunday, April 28, 2013

Seagrass Beach Resort

Category: Resorts

City: Island Garden City of Samal

Country: Philippines

I prefer going to resorts during weekdays, because for one, you have the resort all to yourself. And for that, it was good that when we visited Seagrass there were not much "bakasyonista's" yet. And we were on time, and a day early because the following day their resort would be crowded with hikers as they were booked for the next three days. Samal has a Mountain and they go to that mountain for a pre-climb before jumping off to Mt. Apo.

Anyhow, this is a fairly new resort. They have a good customer service, and two pools to boot. A day tour would cost you around Php 150/head, inclusive of the beach, and the 3ft. swimming pool. Plus an additional Php 150, should you want to take a swim at their 5ft. swimming pool and their long slide. Php 500 for the cottages.

They have a large serving for the food, which tastes good and comes with a reasonable price. It's not priced as a resort but something you can usually get from restaurants in the city. And their water bottles are priced reasonably well at around Php 15.

The resort is actually designed for large gatherings which is often good for a Filipino culture due to our various reunions during holidays. It is still being developed, when we went there, the resort wasn't even a month old yet.

They have large parking spaces in front of their villas should you want to stay overnight.  It's also quiet accessible should you go for commute.

Just take the Island Express bus which would cost at around Php 40/head. Then you step off the bus at the Davao Central Warehouse (you can always ask the conductor to tell you when it's your stop). And then from there you can hire a motorcycle to head off for Seagrass, for around Php 10/head. If it's only you using the motorcycle they might charge an extra.

The beach is perfect for relaxation (again, if there's not much people around). There are good shady areas where you can just lounge and maybe write and chill out. :)

Conversations with my friend:

Me: Eeeep. So many grass in the sea!! Bakit marami dito?
Friend: Kaya nga seagrass eh... gets?

Haha. Yeah, the sea is filled with sea grass when the tide kicks in. Also the sand is kinda slimy, maybe because they just uprooted the seagrass and thus the algae is sticking.. i'm not so sure. But, when you wade in the sea... it's not rocky, it's quiet slippery and slimy. But, still an okay place to swim. :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cafe Demitasse - Davao City

Category: Cafe - Coffee Shop

Well, I've been frequenting this cafe the past few months with my Liwanagila peeps and zee Imaginals :)

We fancied using their function room which can be around 2K for 2 hours and it's consumable for our meetings. :)

They have awesome service! I specially liked their super friendly staff and would make you want to go back.  Their vanilla shake is powdered.. it's a bummer for vanilla milkshake lover like moi. But, it's all cool :)

Yummeeeh!  The food choices!!! It caters to all palette's and they are not substandard.

From pizza, pasta, to beef, pork, chicken, fish meals, desserts, frappes, smoothies, yogurt, tea, they even serve san mig light :) So, if you have friends who likes different food and can't seem to agree, I'm sure they'll find something they'd like to order here. 

My favorite here is the Bannoffee Pie.... I usually treat out of towners to this place ...They also serve a very unique cake called "Halo Halo Cake" and they serve it with ice cream! Nomnom!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Once Upon Stilettos - Shanna Swendson

Category: Book

Genre: Chick Literature

Author: Shanna Swendson

The life of Katie Chandler is now purely magic - literally. After quitting a drab job with a monster boss, Katie found herself becoming an executive assistant at MSI (Magic, Spells and Illusiions, Inc.) and she has seen more than enough of magical induced moments. But, Katie is no wizard, but has a unique gift called "magical immune". However, with this series, she begins losing her immunity because someone's got a different plan for MSI and the whole magical community, and the only way to fulfill those evil plans was to mess up with Katie Chandler whose done nothing but thwart all those evil deeds.

This is a good second part... and would make you go "kilig" with the Katie-Owen team-up and the partners of Gemma and Marcia who used to be frogs *hint hint*.I love the metaphors... and how it's a light but very funny read. I love the adventures. :)

Photo Source: Goodreads

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mister Kabab - U.P. AyalaLand Techno Hub

Category: Restaurant

City: Quezon City, Philippines

So, in one of our business trips, our Area Sales Coordinator took us to a Mediterranean Restaurant @ U.P. Techno Hub called Mister Kabab, which was recommended by one of the Network Leaders in the area. :)

It was one of the unique meals we've had, since we always settle for more known restaurants rather than trying out something new in the area. Great dining experience, and yes, it made me miss Madjid's back in Davao. This one is classier compared to Madjid :)

I got myself a Beef Kabab :) A yogurt drink would've been good with this but we opted for a Halo Halo in another restaurant so I did not get to taste their yogurt drink.