Monday, March 26, 2007

Stone 588 - Gerald A. Browne

OVERVIEW and SUMMARY of Stone 588 by Gerald A. Browne

Category: Books Genre: Suspense Author: Gerald A. Browne

The story is about a flawed gemstone that was given to Philip Springer's father who was a diamond dealer, founder of Springer & Springer from the System. The System - the one that controls the flow of diamond. This stone is too flawed to be of interest from diamond dealers and was not considered as a diamond.

To Springer's family this stone has always been a "reminder stone", his father's reminder stone and that was that. Until, they discovered it can heal. Suddenly, everyone wanted to have the Stone for themselves as well.

It drove people to steal, be obsessed about its wonders and greed, passion and revenge and even murder others because of this.

This book is no ordinary thriller, it has a unique plot all in it's own. Dazzling. Sizzling with revenge and betrayal. Full of all-the-glitz and shimmers.

Mr. Browne has a nice way of bringing his readers into the world of diamond trading. Nice thriller, fills you up with suspense and would make you want to finish it right away.

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