Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hard Landing by Lynne Heitman

OVERVIEW and SUMMARY of Hard Landing by Lynne Heitman

Category: Books

Genre: Mystery & Thriller

Author: Lynne Heitman

It’s about a woman named Alex Shanahan who was assigned as the new General Manager of Majestic Airlines in Boston after the last General Manager of the airline named Ellen Shephard who was believed to have hanged herself.

When she arrived there was chaos and since she is the new General Manager she have to fix it. She managed too and when she arrived at her locker she found a drawing of a woman hanged like Ellen Shephard and instead of the Shephard it was Shanahan. She was scared but at the same time she wants to end the whole thing.

Little did she know that she is about to discover a very horrid thing that the airline kept as a secret never meant to be revealed.

At the beginnning the book seems confusing, but as the story progress you would understand it. It is boring in the middle… but when it was about to end it’s where the action started. It has a twist at the last chapter. You would never suspect it.

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