Friday, June 29, 2007

Da Vinci Code - 2006

Category: Movie

Genre: Religion & Mystery

Director: Ron Howard.

Review and Overview of the DA VINCI CODE the movie directed by Ron Howard based on the book written by Dan Brown.

One of the most controversial books made into a movie. Mostly religious denominations have banned the movie from their followers.

Basically, I like the book better than the movie. It would confuse you if you haven't read the book and all. The story was good and all but the way it was presented was somehow different.

I won't go into details anymore.... just watch the movie... but I suggest you read the book first.

Masquerade - William X. Kienzle

Category : Books

Genre: Mystery

Author: William X. Kienzle

Overview and Review of Masquerade by William X. Kienzle.

Four mystery writers were invited to speak at Marygrove College at a mystery writers' conference composed of a nun, rabbi, monk and an Episcopal priest. All four loathed the featured televangelist Reverend Klaus Krieg who is also a publisher.

Since this is a Father Koesler mystery, he was also part of the said conference, even though he is not a mystery writer his experience with a few homicide cases would prove to be useful.

But, then a murder took place and Father Koesler found himself getting involved solving the case.

I was attracted with both the title and the cover. But then, I think I found the story quite boring. I really HAD A HARD TIME finishing it.

It has a lot of details about religion and all the details about Pope which was I think a bit unnecessary and bored me. Or maybe it was just me who was tired?

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Place of Execution - Val McDermid

Category: Books Genre: Mystery Author: Val McDermid
A review and overview of A Place of Execution by Val McDermid.

This is absolutely one of the best mystery books I've read! Really!!!

A thirteen-year old Alison Carter vanishes from an isolated village in an English countryside. Before she vanished, two other kids close to her age vanished nearby as well.

Inspector George Bennett a newly promoted officer was assigned to solve the case and he was so determined to find answers. A murder case without a body and with a lot of dead-ends along the way.

35 years later when George Bennett told his story about the case to a journalist named Catherine and when the book was about to be published, George asked Catherine not to print the book because he found out something that would probably shake a lot of lives.

I figured out what could have possibly happen but I never got the whole concept. Veryy Veryyyy goooood!!!

The ending is one a reader would not expect, and you wouldn't want to put down the book until you really found out what happened and all. Very extraordinary story with an extraordinary ending that would really leave you thinking.

Wonderfully told, rich with deception, a very absorbing book with tension.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mr. Bean's Holiday - 2007

Category: Movies

Genre: Comedy

Director: Steve Bendelack

Tagline: Disaster is a small step away

Review and Overview of Mr. Bean's Holiday directed by Steve Bendelack

In this movie, the first scene was a church raffle where of course before he won there would be a mild case of "stupidity". He won a trip to Cannes and a camcorder and a 200.

The whole movie focuses on Mr. Bean's difficulty (as usual) to try new things out and making us laugh. The language barrier proved to be all the more difficult for Mr. bean to communicate.

I was never a fan of Mr. Bean, but this movie just kind of entertained me. It was good but of course not THAT great.... but it's very entertaining and would leave a good laugh.

There were a couple of scenes that I really found funny. Some scenes were korny but hey, Mr. Bean is all about that, you know. Hehe.

Conclusion: The Sony Handycam DCR-HC96 is a good buy (and in Mr. Bean's case a good prize) since it outlasted Mr. Bean's Holiday. Very durable. *laugh laugh*

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Boscombe Valley Mystery - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Category: Books Genre: Mystery Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Overview and Review of The Boscombe Valley Mystery from the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

This was set in 1888 and both Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were called down to investigate a mysterious death of one named Mr. Charles McCarthy. The authorities (Lestrade from Scotland Yard who was also at the "A Study in Scarlet") was led to believe that the murderer was McCarthy's son named James. But, a beautiful young girl who was a childhood friend of James said that it can't be James and so she pleaded to have Sherlock Holmes look into it.

Once again, Holmes shows his wonderful skill in detecting who's who through the ashes, the stride and other incrementing clues.

The ending was quite the same where you would feel sorry for both the victim and the killer like most Holmes cases that were written by Dr. Watson. :)

Nice, short read. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Case of Identity - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Category: Books

Genre: Mystery

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Overview and Review of A Case of Identity from the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

My first (after reading two novels of his, and more than 5 stories from him) to figure out the mystery before the end of the story.

Of course, since the title's got something to do with "identity" I figured out it has something to do with a person's identity. I put two and two together like what Holmes would if he was a reader.. and Ta-Da.... I did not know I had a Sherlock Holmes complex within me. Muwahaha. Kidding!

A woman named Mary Sutherland asked Holmes to find out the whereabouts of Mr. Hosmer Angel who mysteriously disappeared. And as she went on and narrated the whole peculiar story to Holmes and Dr. Watson, when Mr. Hosmer disappeared.... I figured it was tooo----tttt.

I can't burst the bubble and reveal it all.... right? This is a review and not a freakin spoiler... although I failed to do it in my Cold Sea Rising. Sorry, I was just soo excited there.

Anyway, it's not long. It's pretty short, just like the rest of the stories under the "Adventures of the Sherlock Holmes." It would take you 30 minutes tops. or maybe 25 or 15. Ahh whatever. Just, read it. Hehe.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Red Headed League - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Category: Books

Genre: Detective

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Overview and Review of the Red Headed League from the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

I have read this story twice already, once when I was still 14 and then this time.

This is a story which Sherlock Holmes' finds unique.

It started when a man of a fiery red hair consulted about a peculiar league called the "Red Headed League". At that time, Watson came to visit and he was asked by Holmes to stay and be with him on the case. Holmes was pretty much intrigued about the story of the fiery red-headed man who was a pawnbroker.

A nice, short peculiar story... and a very "witty" strategy from the antagonist's side.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Scandal in Bohemia - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Category: Books

Genre: Mystery

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A review and overview of A Scandal in Bohemia from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

According to Dr. Watson who just got married with Miss Morstan, Holmes calls someone "The Woman" and her name was Irene Adler. And this "A Scandal in Bohemia" is a story all about her.

In the "A Scandal in Bohemia", there were no crimes committed whatsoever, it was just a King from Bohemia who asked Holmes to recover a might be scandalous picture in the future from Irene Adler.

For me, I think this story is a balance to all Sherlock Holmes stories. Since, here Sherlock gets outwitted by a woman.. and that bright as he is he can still be outwitted... and by a woman at that. Hehe. :)

Nice story... :P Very cunning woman that Irene Adler.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Princess Diaries in the Spotlight - Meg Cabot

Category: Books

Genre: Chick Flick

Author: Meg Cabot

Overview and Review of Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries in the Spotlight.

I know, I know it's a chick flick. But, heck. Who cares? As long as it is a Cabot masterpiece. Yes, I call it that. The masterpiece of humorous chick flicks. Hehe.

I really love the way Meg writes, how she'd get a reader laugh and cry (Cry? really? well maybe sometimes.. when you laugh so hard you cry. Hehe). Even a person who doesn't likes reading much would be enthused by her writing. [ testimony from someone I know, who can't even read a book for long. ]

Of course, this book was where the movie Princess Diaries that starred Anne Hathaway came from. I'm sure there were a lot of alterations, specially on this second book... In the Spotlight and the second installation of the movie Princess Diaries.

Mia's distaste of her princess lessons which she calls the torture lessons from her Grandmère would be her frequent babbles in this book and also the relationship with her algebra teacher and her mom.

She'd often talk about Lilly's brother Michael as well.

Not hard to imagine the cast since we can practically relate them to the movie. Very entertaining, fun read.

Mentions our very own Imelda Marcos from Philippines

Mia: My mom does not know Imelda Marcos okay ? and Barbara Bush.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sign of Four - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Category: Books

Genre: Detective

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This was the second novel done by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that features Sherlock Holmes. A story about the stolen Agra treasure and the pact done by four ex-convicts.

The case started when Miss Morstan approached Doyle and asked for assistance about the pearls she's been receiving for years after her father's death. This mystery, leads to a murder and Holmes is once again on the scent of finding the culprit.

Critics say it is somewhat similar to Doyle's first novel A Study in Scarlet.

Here, Sherlock goes undercover and even fooled his friend Dr. Watson who was on the case as well, and Mr. Jones the chief assigned to their case.

Also, in this novel would be Dr. Watson finding his love and an upcoming marriage in the end.

Monday, June 11, 2007

SVT #2 - Teacher's Pet - Francine Pascal

Category: Books

Genre: Friendship

Created by: Francine Pascal

Overview and Review of Sweet Valley Twin's #2 Book Teacher's Pet

Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are both taking ballet lessons.

There's an upcoming ballet recital and Jessica (as always) wants to take the lead, but the trouble is their ballet teacher doesn't notice her because most of the teacher's attention is on Elizabeth, and thus Jessica calls Elizabeth the teacher's pet.

It's a very nice "short" book. It brings back memories when I am so into Sweet Valley and I remember it was like growing up with them. *sigh*

This one is about friendship and sisterhood. :)

for the moral of the story: I'm giving it a 4. :P

Saturday, June 9, 2007

#9 Evil Elizabeth - Super Chiller - Francine Pascals

Overview and Review of Evil Elizabeth Sweet Valley Twin's Super Chiller #9 created by Francine Pascal

Category: Books

Genre: Horror

Created by: Francine Pascal

It's Halloween and Elizabeth's looking for the perfect costume for it. She wanted to join costume with Jessica but Jessica doesn't want too. Then, she planned to have the same costumes with Amy and Maria in which the two readily agreed. But, then one night Elizabeth passed by the Old Luna Place (shack), and met a dog with an orange face carrying a grotesque mask. Elizabeth picked it up and was amused by it.

Little did she know the mask possessed an evil power. Anyone who wears it will turn evil and do nasty things.... until one day he/she will be evil without wearing it since the mask consumed him/her.

It's up to Jessica and Steven to save their sister!

It's a nice "teenie" book. I'm sure if I was a teenager I would've enjoyed it lots, since I really love the Sweet Valley Characters and their adventures.

Friday, June 8, 2007


I found a new trading site!

Is there a book you want to give away? CDs you don't like? DVD's you can give up? or even Video Games you wanted to dispose?

Well, before thinking of throwing it away.... check out first.

Their tagline is: Use More Waste Less.

This idea may seem very simple but it sure has a great impact in our Environment. One of our major problem is environmental waste and this could be ONE way to help reduce it.

They have a very nice mission statement:

"It is our goal to establish as a premier online community that is committed to helping reduce the impact waste is having on the planet by trading the things we no longer use to get the things we want."
They can help reduce environmental waste (and they help other people get what they want as well), they also support arts, culture and education.

Remember, if you help other people get what they want you also get what you want after and more! :) It pays to help and serve other people.

Help people find what they want..... and you get what you want through trading them. is the place to exchange your used DVDs, CDs, Video Games, and Books with other awesome people. Start switching those unused DVDs, CDs, VideoGames, and Books that are gathering dust with some new and interesting titles that you really want to see, hear or play.

You can create a free account, set up your member profile, list of items and trading preferences and you'll be ready to switch and trade today!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Virus Alert!

and a good virus at that.

To at least increase the status of this blog... I will post this... and help other people as well to increase theirs. :P

I was added to the viral tags!!!! Weeeee. Finally. I will post this! :)


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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Study in Scarlet

Category: Book

Genre: Mystery

Author: Arthur Conan Doyle

A review and overview of A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, introducing Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as they first met.

This was the first story published in 1887 which introduces Mr. Sherlock Holmes through the narration of Dr. Watson. This is where they first met, when the two of them were looking for someone to share a rent to an apartment. They were brought together by a common friend of theirs.

Dr. Watson was curious about Mr. Sherlock's way of life. He couldn't decipher what he does for a living, since his interests varies.

This also tells about their first case together. You can call it Dr.-Watson-tagging-along to observe Mr Holmes' solving a case. The one where one man was found murdered at an abandoned house with the word RACHE a German word for revenge found written in blood at a wall beside the body.

I like this novel of his.Very canny. I am still amazed at how Mr. Holmes' could conjure up a man's height through his strides, how to differentiate the ashes of different cigarettes and more...

Monday, June 4, 2007

Comic Books

Advertisement: Rostam Comic Book

Category: Comics

I have a thing for comics. Any kind of comics. It is where I learned how to love reading. From comics, I scoured for books and more books. It shaped me to read more be it books or comics, in the beginning when I was very young.

I also have a thing for kings and royalties. Of tales and fantasies....

How much more if it is rolled into one?

Rostam Comic Book offers you the Tales from the Shahnameh.

This comic book is an adaption of the Shahnameh or what they call The Epic of the Kings which is one of the definite classics of the world done by the famous Persian poet Ferdowsi. The Shahnameh is considered to be the Persians National epic.

The first series of their book features Rostam, a giant man and a very powerful fighter in his many fantastic adventures. Here, Rostam shows his being powerful and strength and his skill as a warrior but of course with it comes his integrity and loyalty to Iran which he protects and defents from different betrayals of characters.

The first in a trilogy of stories is Rostam: Tales of the Shahnameh would introduce us to the main characters of the story.

Their comic book is a standard American Comic book bearing 32 pages printed in high-quality, semi-glossy paper with a slightly thicker cover for protection and durability. It is also hand-drawn and was scanned and colored in the computer in high detail.

For people who knew the tales from Ferdowsi would love this comic and also even for people who just learned about it would be enticed like moi. It's a great comic book!

For more testimonials and to know what other readers say about the check HERE.

Arahan - 2004

Category: Movie

Genre: Action

Director: Seung-wan Ryoo

Producer: Fun and Happiness, Good Movie Company

Cast: Seung-beom Ryu, So-Yi Yoon

Overview and Review of Arahan a korean martial arts movie.

This is about the Seven Masters of Tao meeting up with Sang-Hwan(Seung-beom Ryu). Sang Hwan was a police officer who wants to catch every offender in the city. Even if it is an official of the city. Always, scolded by his boss about failed attempts of catching by his boss. He was sent to the remaining Five of Seven Masters of Tao because he was injured when he tried to catch the robber by Wi-jin(So-yi Yoon) who was the daughter of one of the Tao. Amazingly, Sang-Hwan possessed a very strong Qi which he does not know even if he does it, and they believed he can be a powerful warrior.

All in all it was a fun movie.Very "Koreanesque" humor.

My favorite part was when Wi-jin touched the energy points of the enemy and made them pause. Funny, Funny. :)

I watched this movie twice already. One last year and one more time this year.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Birth of an American Family - Geoffrey Moehl II

Book Review

Category: Books

Author: Geoffrey Moehl II

This is a true story that was experienced first-hand and was seen through the eyes of an English tutor to two Russian refugee families. While reading the book, you would learn a lot about Russian culture, specially when the author just met them. You would come to know more about them and of course as to what they feel as a "refugee".

In his story he persevered to support the two Russian families in settling and teaching English even when the translator left.

He said: "Vast discrepancies exist between ideal circumstances and reality."

Which is true, and he did not let it happen this time.

It tells a lot about the dillema of every refugee and how much they needed a lot of emotional support as well as financial ones. It also tells about how hard it is for them to look for work and all that.

I hope there are a lot of people with Mr. Moehl's perseverance to serve, support and assist refugees. It is a very noble thing to do. And I know how one feels when one is in a foreign country, how much more living in it?

A very good example of doing more THAN what you ought to do. Here, you would see how it pays to do more that what you are supposed to do.

This is a very inspiring story that would touch your heart and this one would be very useful to ESL teachers and to those who supports refugee families while they adapt the American life. It's really a great read.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Danish Butter Cookies

Category: Food

I have eaten and got to taste this butter cookie when I was 15. I think my mom got it when she went to the States.

While we were doing our grocery over at SM Supermarket I saw the same butter cookies that I really like… and I can still remember how it tastes like. Funny, that was the effect the cookie had on me.

It was not sweet or anything and not salty… it was buttery and it has a dose of vanilla as well which I really like.


I asked my mom if she can buy me one tin (and the tin is actually a good container for your memorabilia).

I’m sure I will try to let my mom buy me one again sometime this month or next month. It’s yum a great pair for myyyyy coffee and a good snack while I read a good book. :)

Watch Bands

Got a thing for stylish watch bands and watch straps? Specially, ones that came from a very prominent brand.

Watch Bands . biz is the website for you! is the global leader for replacing bands for your high-end and luxury watches, featuring HIRSCH (HIRSCH has from the very beginning been the specialist in the handling of leather and the combining of leather with other fine materials.), StrapCulture and other premium brands. In stock: over 5,000 quality watch straps.

Check the site out and add style to your watch!

They have different leather bands. They have bijou leather straps, and when I checked them I kind of like the one named Argent which is a genuine crocodile skin and with a silver buckle. It comes in black, brown, beige and if you want two colors they have the beige and brown as well.

When I browsed their Alligator straps.... my eye fell into one of these designs which my dad would probably like. The one named Bionic which is a genuine Louisiana Alligator which comes in three different colors, black matte, auburn matte and medium brown matte.

For those who like lizard straps, check the site out since they have lizard straps available as well. I like the Genua, which came from a genuine lizard. It is padded and shiny that comes in three different colors, black, brown and blue.

Do you have a thing for ostrich skins? Well, they have ostrich straps for you! They have three different styles available for you. The Classico, Ostrich and Genuine Ostrich.

They also have shark straps! Wow. Now, that's cool. I particularly like the Sport Shark Style which comes in different colors, royal blue, violet, burgundy and green. They also have other three different styles available the Ocean, Chrono Shark and Shark.

But, if calfskin straps is more your type, they have 24 different styles available. I like the patent leather style they have, the one in red. Hmm or white? or the black? Ahh.. whichever it is. The patent leather style is sure my type!

Hirsch also have a Nature collection. With its Nature Collection, they have created and achieved a symbiosis of materials, elements and the personality of the wearer.

Worried over allergies? Fret not. Hirsch have the No Allergy Straps Collection just for you!

Were the collection too oldie for you and pretty much not casual? Are you a teenager? I am sure you would love their Fashion Collection! I really like the variety of colors available for Magic from their Catwalk Edition. They have orange, pink, light green, red, black, white and ice blue! I also like elegant parallel shape of the Fashion Style which comes in different colors (petrol, raspberry, lilac, white, metallic pink, metallic gray and metallic green). From their Classic Edition... I like the Cordette(calfskin, jewel cord band), Cleopatra(genuine lizard), Princess(calfskin, alligator grain), Milano(fabric upper, velvet lining) and Ypsilon(Fabric upper, patent leather).

Other collections available: Leonardo, Corvette (which I really like specially the Golf Style!!!) Open End Straps, Breitling, Swatch, and Panerai (from Strap Culture).

If it's Metal bands you like, they have various collections too: Stainless, Solid, Folded, Mesh, PVD, Expansion, and Titanium.

They also have synthetic bands: Rubber, Silicon, NATO, and Velcro.

Guess, I am just so excited and gave out a much lengthy review. But, their designs, styles and collections are just so unique... I just have to talk much about it! Go check it out! :)