Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Eye 10 Infinity - 2005

Directed by: The Pang Brothers

Preceded by: The Eye, The Eye 2

OVERVIEW and SUMMARY of The Eye 10 Infinity

Though it has a number “10″ in it at the title.. it doesn’t mean that it has something to do with it’s chronology.

The ten there refers to the book entitled “The Ten Encounters”.

It’s a story about teenagers who visited their friend Chongkwai in Thailand. Originally those teenagers are from Hong Kong.While touring the place they passed by an accident and when they returned back to their friend’s home they decided to tell each other ghost stories. Chongkwai has a book ” the ten encounters ” which he bought and he will share a very funny story relating how he bought the book and theres also a text message about it being passed around here. The book details how to see dead people. The five were all curious about it and they wanna try all the 10 different methods.

I wont say more… since it would spoil the whole movie.

If you are looking for a “scream”, I tell you this is not the movie for you. This one is different from the other two “The Eye” movies and veryyyy funny, like when there are times when you’d think you would be scared and then a comic scene would interrupt.

Recommend: Watch with friends :)

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