Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates - Mary Mapes Dodge

Category: Books

Genre: Children’s Classic

Author: Mary Mapes Dodge

Huzza Huzza!

A classic winter tale about a couple of youngsters on a Dutch village. Main characters are Hans and Gretel Brinker, who are as poor as they can be and can be seen in the canal with their poor wooden skates. The story tells about an upcoming race where two silver skates can be won. One for the girl who wins and one for the boy who would. The two, Hans and Gretel poor as they are can barely compete of the said competition against well-trained young friends who own costly steel skates.

This is fun read where the author tells you the history of Holland, the famous people and places of Holland, their culture and their stories.

You would also be taken away with the characters, the “little characters”. For most of the characters are young uns.

Nice fun read for children :)


Anonymous said...

sulz | |

i wish i could borrow this. i learnt dutch before so i’d like to know more about the netherlands.

and children books are not just for children readers. ;)

Mar 17, 8:07 AM

tina said...

tina |

right you are there sulz :)

Mar 17, 4:13 PM —