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Demi Moore

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Sex, Love and Dharma - Arthur Jeon

Title: Sex, Love, and Dharma

Category: Books

Genre: Self Help / Sex & Love / Spirituality / Non-fiction

Author: Arthur Jeon

" Will I ever be happy in love?" "Why do I always fall in love with the wrong person?" "How can I stop sabotaging my relationships?" and "What's the secret to a passionate sex life?".

Found this book on sale at NBS. Though, I'm not really the type who would buy a book that screams "sex" in black.. but when I read the overview at the back and read the first few pages.. I told myself: "This is different". Indeed it is. It is very practical and modern. I love it!

This book personally helped me while I was going through things in my personal relationships. How to distinguish whether it's real or mere neurosis. from love the feeling to love the action.

Still reading it now and then....