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The Charm School - Nelson Demille

Summary and Review of Charm School by Nelson Demille

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Category: Books Genre: Suspense & Thriller Author: Nelson Demille

The story took place in Russia involving the KGB, CIA, Pentagon, and State Department. Gregory Fisher was the first person to appear in the story. He was travelling as a tourist in Russia alone. There were a lot of rules if you are travelling in Russia since Russia is against tourism specially if one gets to tour alone and not some tour group. Rules for a tourist involved never drive outside the city you are supposed to be in at night. Gregory was supposed to arrive in Moscow before dark from Smolensk and he got sidetracked while travelling at Borodino. He knew the history of the battle of Borodino, on his way he lost track of time and he was also lost at the same time. He arrived at a pine forest with a lot of warning signs ahead. He was pretty scared since it’s nightfall and he is supposed to arrive at Moscow before night. He met a man named Major Dodson who revealed a KGB secret that there are 300 Americans in the camp camouflaged by the pine forest held captive. Gregory gave him a map and some money while he was advised by Dodson to go to the American Embassy and look for a defense attache right away. Gregory finally found the place where he left off and hurried to Moscow. When he arrived in Moscow he was caught by a police with a reason “he was driving in the country at night”. He was accompanied by the police at his hotel The Rossiya. He tried to call the American Embassy looking for a defense attache and stated what he knew and that he believed he was in danger.

Lisa Rhodes got the call and transferred it to Sam Hollis an Air Force attache. He said he might be in danger and told the location of the Charm School and then he also told about Major Dodson. He told them that he is at The Rossiya and they must hurry because they are out to get him. That’s where it all started.

It’s very interesting and at the same time a thrilling story while it takes you to different places in Russia and giving a bit of history here and there. I like the sarcastic humor in the story. Very funny. It’s also a fast read… the words just flow out like a river unobstructed. It has more conversation which I like.

I don’t like the way the State Department, the White House, CIA and Pentagon ended the Charm School. Just inhumane. Better read to know why. All in all it’s a masterpiece. Love the story… the rich history of Russia and the gloomy past of Russia.

It also mentioned Philippines:

“A younger sister who married a jet jockey and is currently living in the Philippines. No children. ” - Sam Hollis


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