Saturday, March 29, 2008

Die Hard 4.0 - 2007

Category: Movies

Genre: Action / Suspense

Director: Len Wiseman

Writer: Mark Bomback (screenplay & story)

Cast: Bruce Willis (John McClane), Timothy Olyphant (Thomas Gabriel), Justin Long (Matt Farrell), Maggie Q (Mai)

Overview and Review of Die Hard 4.0 or also known as Live Free or Die Hard starred by Bruce Willis and directed by Len Wiseman.

A new breed of terrorists is brewing and it's bound to attack the U.S. during the Independence Day weekend. Over the weekend a couple of hackers died and there was a massive computer attack that would threaten the U.S. infrastructure.

John MacClane was assigned to bring hacker Matt Farrell (Justin Long) into the FBI after a couple of the top security mainframes of the government got hacked. When they arrived at the FBI (they survived a series of attacks from the terrorists before arriving), the country is facing a war with "cyber terrorists".

I actually like it. Contrary to some "negative reviews", there were too many people who expected this movie to be good but was disappointed because some thought it did not live up to par with the first 3 Die Hard series. {I actually did not see the first 3, so I guess I can't say much} But, better or not, I enjoyed the whole movie. The action scenes and stunts were so cool (specially the tunnel one), there was a bit of humor courtesy of Justin Long (but not much that would make it too korny). It also delved into the techie side which made another plus points. Although, a lot would talk about many things that is soooo technically wrong about it.

If you are looking for the anti-hero McClane and a much violent Die Hard film, this is not it. Those negative reviews are raving about this because McClane seemed to be out-of-character in this film.

Funny lines:

Slacker Kid: Hey, Matt, I just downloaded that new copy of Killzone, the one that's not out yet. You wanna play?
Matt Farrell: No, but good luck at the bad timing awards.

John McClane: [after covering the webcam] Freddy, can you trace these guys.
Thomas Gabriel: Detective, covering the camera does not turn off the microphone.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Web Hosting Guide

One of my hosted websites today can't access the database. Something is wrong with it's hosting.

Anyhow it's so great and quite fitting to chance upon a blog post that pretty much tells you his top 3 best web hosting Company.

Kaushal Sheth experienced a black out with his former host and that prompted him to look for a much more reliable one, because, blogger's always want their blog to be up 24/7 and for the convenience of the readers. And in Kaushal's case he creates wordpress themes and I'm sure there are a lot of readers who gets updates of his latest themes.

A good hosting must have backups in stored in case anything happens. Service is also a plus and of course when they go in cheap (but even if it's expensive, just as long as the SERVICE is good that's alright). And part of the service is the backup and support.

Kaushal Sheth that's one helpful post you got! Thank You, I might consider the three.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Prisoner in the Third Cell - Gene Edwards

Category: Books

Genre: Christian / Spiritual

Author: Gene Edwards

Overview and Review of The Prisoner in the Third Cell authored by Gene Edwards.

First Page is a Quote:
"It has been said that it is impossible to forgive a man who deliberately hurts you for the sole purpose of destroying or lowering you. If this be true, you have but one hope: to see this unfair hurt as coming by permission from God for the purpose of lifting your stature above that place where you formerly stood."

Prologue First Sentence:
"The new prisoner has arrived, Captain."

The Prisoner in the Third Cell is about John The Baptist. Jesus' cousin. It talks about a moving story of comfort and a very unforgettable drama in the New Testament.

There are always things in life we don't understand and of course there are stories in the Bible that tells us there are things that we are not meant to understand but we must always remember that there is SOMEthing bigger than us and that there are many universes in the world. "In my Father's house are many mansions". Mansions might mean different dimensions and universe.

I've always been a fan of Gene Edwards. I've read his books ever since I was 15 or 16. I like the way he writes "Bible stories" in a modern way. He makes everything very light to read but you learn lots of lessons from it. He is truly a great storyteller! I love all his books!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Way Past Cool - Jess Mowry

Category: Books

Genre: Young-Adult

Author: Jess Mowry

Fact: Already a movie.

Overview and Review of Way Past Cool by Jess Mowry

First Sentence:
"Gordon! GUN!" screamed Curtis, diving off his skateboard onto trash-covered concrete.

Word! Yo, dude!

This book is set on "Oaktown" which is Oakland, California and very much about young African-American teens ages 12-13 are struggling to survive in their town. Two (2) rival gangs, The Friends and The Crew are living in a strict code of honor and a set of rules. Both gang having leaders, Gordon (The Friends) and Wesley (The Crew) which tries to bring order into their own territory and delegate duties. One, 16 year old dealer named Deek tried to place The Friends and The Crew against each other by hiring two Bakersfield guys to ambush them on separate accounts. These guys are living wayyyy past bad. Deek's bodyguard named Ty would play an important role in this story and of course also the "heart and magic boy" of the Friends named Lyon.

By the time, you finish this book, you would be all familiar to some ghetto language. It's actually a great story which a lot of kids that are into "gangs" would relate too. Although, the language - the ghetto language would get you all confused but that's pretty much because of the characters which uses the language. The book is not "preachy" but you could see it talks about "love" and the "magic in our hearts" and of course in believing. Great read.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dating System

Category: Website

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On their site, you can very well be matched with other singles that are not there for fling but for the real thing - love. This time you get to choose from a hundred different profiles that would be shown to you - ain't that the best?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking Back - Belva Plain

Category: Books

Genre: Friendship

Author: Belva Plain

Overview and Review of Looking Back written by Belva Plain.

First Sentence in prologue: At a country inn on the coast of Maine, two men of a certain age, sitting on a porch chairs some distance apart, watched the swollen, olive-green Atlantic crash on the rocks below.

It started as two old men were watching the waves crashing at a country-inn in Maine. One told a story about the three women.

Classy and Elegant Cecil, Plain and Brainy Norma and Beautiful and Ambitious Amanda go back since college days. They were roommates and became fast friends. The three all share a bond and wonderful friendship with each other.

Amanda wanting to escape and to rise above where she came from marries Norma's brother Larry. Amanda would not want to be near him at first but she tried since he was just super kind and sweet to her. Thinking she couldn't find another man like him, she marries him. And so began a quite complicated beginning, thinking she could love Larry along the way.

An affair and a vitally important event, a devastating act of betrayal changes everything between father and son, friends, parents and children, husband and wives. In the following months and years to come - nothing would ever be the same.

This the first Belva Plain book I've read and according to all who read her they least like this book. They pretty much like the first few novels Belva Plain wrote. Anyway, least or not it's a kind of a unique story, since the friendship goes way back and then comes betrayal. And the betrayal that happened in the book can really happen in real life and all things in life and the way human acts is possible, even when you thought it is impossible or unfathomable.

It's a nice read but not quite that great...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Once in a Lifetime - Danielle Steel

Category: Books

Genre: Love

Author: Danielle Steel

Overview and Review of Danielle Steel's Once in a Lifetime.

This book is about a successful novelist (Daphne Fields) loved by many people. Her books inspires other people but her life as an author remains a mystery to many. Despite her success and being well-known in her field she remains humble. Not known to anyone who reads her book because she keeps her private life a secret, she lead a very hard, tough, devastating past.

Full of drama and all heartbreaking tragedies the lead lady, Daphne Fields endured. Although this time in her writing I could detect what's coming and what's going to happen before it really happens in the book in short it got predictable along the way. I like the way she weaved the story, it was more of a flashback this time which is unique. Steel's great when it comes to creating strong characters in her book. It's also informative when it comes to dealing with deaf kids. Novelists and Hollywood, Beverly Hills and New York are some of the things you'd find in this book. I like most of the lines by the characters which is a plus, you would actually learn a lot from them.

"Easy roads aren't always the best ones. We think they are, but look at the people you respect in life, they're usually the people who've made when the going wasn't easy, people who survived and grew from all the pain. The ones who have it easy don't have a hell of a lot going for them. It's the others, the ones who climb the mountains with their heads banged up and their faces scratched and their shins bleeding who're worth knowing. "

Fact: This was done as a TV-Movie too, you might want to watch it.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dreamboy - 2005

Category: Movies

Genre: Love

Director: Gilbert Perez

Writer: Katski Flores
*the writer of Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay a.k.a. The Long Wait in Kenya.*

Overview and review of Dreamboy directed by Gilbert Perez.

The title itself is very cheesy. I was shaking my head when I saw the trailer and stereotyped it as "another-cheesy-movie".

It's about a girl next door named Cyd (Bea Alonzo)who loves to read love stories and pocketbooks, she works at a "supermarket". She believes in soulmates and destinies. Cyd in this story would meet three look-alike's leading three personalities: Philip, Eboy and Jaime.

Now, I don't have to divulge any information about how it ended or how it really went because it would spoil everything. This is one type of movie wherein if you don't know how it goes and let the story unravel before you, you would like it, but if you have an idea about what it is about you would be disappointed. But of course, you could see other reviews and some spoilers online which is one thing you can't escape.

The transition of the story got my curiosity. *I really had no idea how the story goes and it sure helps not to know the story beforehand, because it would ruin everything and you would end up disappointed* A lot of questions would arise. The tandem sure was nice. I wasn't sure it would really be nice because of Piolo and Bea's age gap but their characters suited them well here. You would prolly figure out everything before it ended but the concept is still somewhat unique.

Lines I like:

Eboy: Naalala mo pa ba si Philip? Bea: Anong gusto mong sagot? Yung totoo o yung tamang sagot? Eboy: Kung ano ang totoo yun ang tamang sagot.

Eboy: Do you still remember Philip?
Bea: What answer do you want? The truth? or the Right answer?
Eboy: The truth is always the right answer.

There were a few good lines but I lost track of them *sigh* Oh well.

Image from Wikipedia.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Capital Fortune

Category: Business

Nowadays, as more and more students take colleges that are far away from their home, college students finds it laborious in having to secure an affordable, good quality housing, that fits a college student and rental costs that they can easily afford.

An article from Earth.Co.Uk talks about a new scheme from Capital Fortune.

Capital Fortune was said to encourage students to get onto the property ladder that is being launched. ( By the way, Capital Fortune is an independent mortgage advisory firm.)

Rob Killeen, the managing director of Capital Fortune, said:

"Students are facing ever-increasing difficulty in securing affordable, good quality housing and rental costs in student towns are spiraling."

What's the benefit of the new program?

The new products would then allow the students to buy their own property and thus provide "suitable and comfortable accommodation to their fellow house sharers". Clients can buy a property to share it with fellow students during their time and stay in the university. This buy-to-rent student mortgage will then be rolled out nationally at various student campuses and the Capital Fortune is claiming that the scheme is innovative as it will give people the push needed to get onto the property ladder.

And true enough, this sure is one of the most innovative mortgages, I've heard or read of recently. It helps the college students and eliminates the worry and time of having to look for proper housings during their stay at a certain university.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

SVT #54 - The Big Party Weekend

Category: Books

Genre: Teenage Series

Creator: Francine Pascals

Overview and Review of Sweet Valley Twins and Friends # 54 The Big Party Weekend created by Francine Pascals.

Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield (Steven, Elizabeth & Jessica's parents) are on vacation in Mexico for five days. Steven, Elizabeth and Jessica planned to have the biggest party for the weekend with their friends. That was, before they found out that they would encounter, the world's meanest baby-sitter - May Brown.

But the Wakefield kids are determined to throw the party during the weekend, with great food and their friends - with no adults. They make a plan they copied from a soap opera to get May out of the house.

Entertaining and nice ending - as usual. Good for kids ages 9-14.

If I am in my teenies stage... I would enjoy reading this. So I'm giving it a 3.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

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