Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Core 2003

Category: MOVIE

Genre: Science Fiction

Directed by\: Jon Amiel

Tagline: The only way out is in.

First scenes: A number of people died within a ten-block radius….

Strange things are happening: Birds loosing the navigational ability…. and people dying on the first part, intrigued them.

Which lead them to assume that it has something to do with the electromagnetic impulse.

A team of six (6) “terranauts” was formed to drill down to the Earth’s core and attempt to restart the rotation of the core.

Obviously, in movies like this only two gets back up alive, killing the rest on the expedition. And just like in any other movie…. the black person dies as well.. which was again so obvious - and pretty sad at the same time.


Anonymous said...

alamatnglapis | |

wow! mukhang maganda ha… nagkaka-idea na ako, sa tag line palang… mapanood nga… mahilig ka ba talga sa movie?

Apr 4, 5:05 PM

Anonymous said...

REX | |
haha! i also watched this in the theatres, but I now think it wasnt worth it. The plot was interesting. Pero what I felt after the movie wasnt as good. It was very predictable. Lalu na’t kakapanood ko pa lang ng Sunshine a few days ago. Can’t help but compare, hehe. Someone will always be sacrificed, eh?

Apr 10, 4:06 PM