Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Angels and Demons - Dan Brown

Category: Books Genre: Historical Fiction / Religious Fiction Author: Dan Brown

Overview and Review of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons.

This book is actually a prequel to Dan Brown's sensational Da Vinci Code. Also, starring Robert Langdon. :)

Like the Da Vinci Code it involves Secret Societies and a one-day time frame. The story basically revolves around the Illuminati and the Roman Catholic Church.

Like Da Vinci Code it possessed a lot of historical facts and this book made me want to visit the Vatican Archives. Curiosity strikes.... I'm sure not anyone can enter the archives.. wew.

I also learned about ambigrams... how amazing to see all "six" ambigrams.. yay.... specially the last ambigram. Wew. Very brilliant *diamond*. Hehe.

The book also takes you to different places in Rome.

They say Dan Brown is poor when it comes to research but basically fact or not... i like the way he weaves his stories. I also like the science and religion coming together where you get to have balance. Got a lot of good "conversation" in the book as well.

If you love adventures + not-so-sure-facts (as wikipedia says) + mystery + secret societies + terrorism + murder + religion + science = well this is the book for you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Luisa Ridge, Laguna

Category: Places and Travel

Overview and Review of Luisa Ridge in Laguna.

When we got there it was drizzling. I love the pool. Of course Laguna's pretty much known for hot spring resorts and pools and so you wouldn't be that surprised. Pools come as Lima Singko here. hehe. But, nevertheless it is still comforting to see one specially when you are from the city.

It has a good environment... very nature-oriented. Too nature-oriented that you'd see lots of "train-train" (those caterpillar-like worms that looks like a train.. thus the nick) and of course earthworm. They are harmless... yes I know that.

It's a perfect spot for trainings because it can give you "peace of mind" specially if you are being one with nature. It gives you this peaceful feeling. Away from the city's hustle and bustle.

The room? Well.. that's another matter. I don't like it. Really. And the bathroom in the room? It's very ancient. I hope they upgrade it one day. Oh well.

Since, it was pretty rainy.. imagine my surprise when I woke up with earthworms on the floor. Eeek. Horrible experience! errrrrrr....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Giusseppe - Lucena City

Category: Places / Restaurant

Located in Lucena City, Quezon.

It's actually a bar and restaurant. They have yummy food. You better order their best seller's. (I didn't that time..but the ones with us said they have yum best seller's. of course how can it be a best seller if it weren't right? hehe).

I pretty much liked the interior of their restaurant. Their place also has a function hall where you can prolly rent it for business meetings or a large family gathering.

I haven't been around in Lucena that much.... soo.. I can't say this is their best. But they have a nice menu... although we were often told "oh sorry sir.. we dont have that anymore." better ask "what do you have available then?".

But, in fairness to the restobar.... it has good food. :) Nice place for a good conversation.... a date perhaps? ;p

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ouans Resort, Lucena City

Category: Places and Travel

A very peaceful place. If you want modern stuffs this is not the place for you. If you pretty much want to unwind... well I could suggest this place.

It has an "a-ok" very resort-y accomodation. Not that good but nevertheless it's ok. The pool is not properly maintained.... but it's ok since I don't dive right away on pools.

They have a butterfly farm which makes it good since I'm a butterfly lover! :)

We had our 2-day training held here... it's actually a good place for trainings because it gives you peace of mind. :)

At night you can rent their karaoke and I think they have a pool available just not sure.