Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Covenant - 2006

Directed by Renny Harlin

Writing credits (WGA) J.S. Cardone (written by)

Tagline: Four have the power. One will stop at nothing to possess it.

Story about four young (handsome casts) men who belong to a family of pagans with supernatural powers. Actually there are five families but it was believed that the 5th died. All the while they thought they were only four. But then, they are about to discover and “fight” the fifth person who wanted to take all of their powers.

It’s a good movie. Quite entertaining. There are scenes I really think and I think that are pretty much cool. The movie is “hanging” which would mean… there would be another part two.. right film makers? :)

4 stars for the handsome cast. Muwahahaha.

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