Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fear Street: Super Chiller - Goodnight Kiss - R.L. Stine

OVERVIEW and SUMMARY of Fear Street: Goodnight Kiss by R.L. Stine

Category: Books

Genre: Horror

Author: R.L. Stine

It’s about two vampires named Jessica and Gabri who are both thirsty for blood - nectar as they call it. The two of them are so arrogant that they decided to have a bet and the two of them are determined to win.

It’s my first time to read a “Super Chiller” and it is indeed a chiller because the ending is not the usual ordinary Fear Street Series where everything seems to be alright.

Another fast read.

Recommended for: Teens ages 13-16.


Anonymous said...

eli | |

geezzz tina.. super bilis ka naman magbasa.. alam mo yata ung technique sa fast reading ah.. ? hmm…

Mar 15, 3:44 AM —

tina said...

parang short story lang kasi ang fear street eh… :P hehehe im sure ikaw din kaya mo itong one day lang kasi maliit lng xa.

Mar 15, 5:32 AM

Anonymous said...

foobarph |

arg, i haven’t watched any horror movies lately. ^^

Mar 15, 5:49 AM —