Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants - 2005

Category: Movies

Genre: Chick Flick

Director: Ken Kwapis

Tagline: Laugh. Cry. Share the pants.

Casts: Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bedel, America Ferrera, Blake Lively, Jenna Boyd, Bradley Whitford, Nancy Travis, Rachel Ticotin, Mike Vogel and more.

Overview and Review of the movie Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants directed by Ken Kwapis

This movie is based on a book written by Anne Brashares. Four best friends(Lena, Brash, Tibby and Carmen) spends their summer for the first time, away from each other. Before they part ways to different places for the summer, they found a magical pair of jeans that fits all of them perfectly event though they have various shapes and size. They made an agreement to share the pants the whole summer with each other and to keep in touch and write something wonderful that happened along with it because they believe it's magic.

What the four best friends had - is one DREAM FRIENDSHIP for every girl out there. Their bond is sooo good and you can see they accept each other unconditionally. Like sisters born in different families. This movie is all about their one summer where they are apart for the first time. It's a heartwarming coming of age story (and it can make you cry and laugh).... and the chemistry of the four young actresses were good and that's what makes this movie pretty special.

I also like the lines they came up with... because there's truth in it.

Some Lines I like:

Bailey: Maybe the truth is there's a little bit of loser in all of us, ya know? Being happy isn't having everything in your life be perfect. Maybe it's about stringing together all the little things like wearing these pants or getting to a new level of Dragon's Lair - making those count for more than the bad stuff. Maybe we just get through it... and that's all we can ask for.

Kostos: Some people show off their beauty because they want the world to see it. Others try to hide their beauty because they want the world to see something else.
Lena: And what do you see?
Kostos: Everything.

Carmen: [voiceover] It would be easy to say that the pants changed everything that summer. But looking back now I feel like our lives changed because they had to, and that the real magic of the pants was in bearing witness to all of this and in somehow holding us together when it felt like nothing would ever be the same again.
Carmen: Some things never would be
Lena: But we know now that no matter how far we traveled on our own separate paths...
Bridget: Somehow we would always find out way back to each other.
Tibby: And with that, we could get through anything.
Bridget: To us. Who we were, and who we are. And who we'll be.
Tibby: To the pants.
Lena: And the sisterhood.
Carmen: And this moment, and the rest of our lives.
Carmen, Lena, Bridget,Tibby: Together and apart.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Enchanted - 2007

Category: Movie

Genre: Fantasy / Love

Directed By: Kevin Lima

Writer: Billy Kelly


The real world and the animated world collide.
This fairytale princess is about to meet a real Prince Charming.

Casts: Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Timothy Spall, Idina Menzel, Rachel Covey, Susan Sarandon, Jeff Bennet and more.

Review and Overview of Enchanted directed by Kevin Lima, a Disney Movie.

An animated fairy tale would meet up with modern and live-action.

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Andalasia, a beautiful young maiden named Giselle lives in a cottage in the forest. She chanced upon the Prince Edward and they were engaged to be married. The evil queen (step mother of Prince Edward) fears of losing her thrown and so she banished Giselle from her magical, musical animated land and Giselle finds herself in the streets of modern-day Manhattan.

Shocked by this strange new environment that doesn't operate on a "happily ever after" basis, Giselle is now adrift in a chaotic world badly in need of enchantment. I could say more about the plot but that would spoil everything.

Giselle is this sweet innocent girl that you just love. She's naturally always IN LOVE. and that's what we all forget in this world that we are living in. It's a fresh reminder of BEING IN LOVE, and LIVING WITH LOVE.

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the movie. It's target market are kids but the depth and wisdom about LOVE which people forget in the modern times is in this movie. Better than all those love stories popping in and out of the market today. I remember a book entitled "Enchanted Love" of Marianne Williamson on this one. This is just the movie that would summarize the book and make it easier to understand.

Light hearted setting but deep. GREAT SOUNDTRACK. Sorry about all the quotable quotes below.. I just like them!

Funny/Memorable Quotes:

Giselle: Is that the only word you know? "No?"
Robert: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I mean, No!
Giselle: "No! No! No!" Over and over! When you keep saying "No!" it just makes me so... Sometimes you make me so!... angry.

Morgan Philip: Remember, when you go out not to put too much makeup otherwise the boys will get the wrong idea and you know how they are...
Morgan Philip: They're only after one thing.
Giselle: What's that?
Morgan Philip: [laughs] I don't know. Nobody will tell me.

Giselle: Why are you staring at me?
Robert: I don't know. It's just that... it's like you escaped from a Hallmark card or something.
Giselle: Is that a bad thing?

Giselle: Goodness, we sure had a lot of excitement tonight. Were you scared?
Morgan Philip: A little bit, but do you think Pip will be ok?
Giselle: Oh, well, I wouldn't worry about Pip. He is very brave. I remember this one time, when the poor wolf was being chased by Little Red Riding Hood around his grandmother's house, and she had an axe... oh, and if Pip hadn't been walking by to help I don't know what would've happened!
Morgan Philip: I don't really remember that version.
Giselle: Well, that's because Red tells it a little differently.

Nathaniel: Sire, do you like yourself?
Prince Edward: What's not to like?

Giselle: Now if only I can find a place to rest my head for the night.
Robert Philip: What kind of place?
Giselle: I don't know. Maybe a nearby meadow or a hollow tree.
Robert Philip: A hollow tree?
Giselle<: Or a house full of dwarves. I hear they're very hospitable.

Giselle: [singing] Well, does he take you out dancing / Just so he can hold you close?
Robert: [speaking] I don't dance!
Giselle: Dedicate a song / With words meant just for you? / Ooh ooh
Robert: [speaking] And I really don't sing.

Giselle: I'm surprised. You said you couldn't dance.
Robert: I said I didn't. I never said I couldn't.

Sam: She has no driver's license, no passport, I can't even find this place she comes from.
Robert: What place?
Sam: Andalusia.
Robert: Andalasia.
Sam: Whatever. I've called every travel agent. I'm not sure if it's a country or a city.
Robert: It can't be a state.
[Both watch Giselle acting strangely]
Sam: More like a state of mind. She told me it's just beyond the meadows of joy and the valley of contentment. What is that all about?

Phoebe Banks: Everybody has problems. Everybody has bad times. Do we sacrifice all the good times because of them?
Phoebe Banks, Ethan Banks: [looking into one another's eyes] No.

Robert: So, what's the deal with this prince of yours? How long you been together?
Giselle: [wistfully] Oh, about a day.
Robert: You mean it feels like a day because you're so in love.
Giselle: No, it's been a day.
Robert: You're kidding me. A day? One day?
Giselle: Yes. [wistful again]
Giselle: And tomorrow it will be two days.
Robert: You're joking.
Giselle: No. I'm not.
Robert: Yeah, you are.
Giselle: But I'm not.
Robert: You're gonna marry somebody after a day? Because you fell in love with him?
Giselle: Yes. [grins]
Giselle: Yes!
Robert: [laughs as she drags him away]
Giselle: What about you? How long have you known your Nancy?
Robert: Uh, five years.
Giselle: And you haven't proposed?
Robert: Well, no, I...
Giselle: Well no wonder she's angry.
Robert: Well...
Robert: You know most normal people get to know each other before they get married. They date.
Giselle: Date?
Robert: Yeah, you know. Date.
[Giselle shakes her head not understanding]
Robert: You go someplace special, like a restaurant, or a movie, or museum, or you just hang out and you talk.
Giselle: What do you talk about?
Robert: About each other. About yourself. About your interests, your likes your dislikes, you talk.
[both laugh]
Giselle: Oh, you have such strange ideas about love.
Robert: Maybe we should just do what you do. You meet, you have lunch, and you get married.
Giselle: Oh, you forgot about happily ever after.
Robert: Forget about happily ever after, it doesn't exist.

Morgan Philip: But I think she might be a real princess!
Robert Philip: Morgan honey, just because she has on a funny dress doesn't mean she's a princess. She's a seriously confused woman who's fallen into our laps.