Sunday, January 28, 2007

Private Scandals - Joanna Wayne, Judy Christenberry and Tori Carrington

Summary and Review of Private Scandals

Category: Books
Genre: Love
Author: Joanna Wayne, Judy Christenberry and Tori Carrington

3 stories/authors conspired in one book.

  1. Shadows of Her Past by Joanna Wayne
  2. Involves a murdered senator in a hotel room with a woman named Jessica Lewis who was drugged. Jessica then met the brother of the Senator named Conner. Conner is the typical i-dont-care-about-women guy in every romance novels. And obviously the two fell in love with each other while working out who really killed Conner’s brother… even though the original suspect was Jessica.

  3. Family Unveiled by Judy Christenberry
  4. The writer seems to write more about families being reunited as what her introduction says. It’s about a woman named Mrs. Vivian Shaw (another Shaw bites the dust) who hired a privated investigator named Wil Greenfield to look for her adopted daughter’s(Vanessa) five siblings. Pretty nice story. Entertaining and really home-y. Since it’s about family and of course with a tinge of romance. :)

  5. Sleeping with Secrets by Tori Carrington
  6. This is the most sensual book among the three. I mean, the first has its own take but not as explicit as this one. O_o. I was debating whether I should continue or not. Anyway, the ending was pretty good. I mean, the start was really not the way I expected it.. but the ending was pretty good. Specially, the way the guy(Gabe Wellington) proposed to the girl(Rachel). I have to give a hand to Tori for the ending. ‘Twas sweet.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Highgate Rise - Anne Perry

Summary & REVIEW of Highgate Rise by Anne Perry

Category: Books
Genre: Mystery & Thriller
Author: Anne Perry

First few chapters seem boring but as you read on the characters would intrigue you. Different views of the Characters in this Victorian Mystery would captivate you and thus would entice you to read on.

The first setting was about a fire that burned the house of the Shaw’s and thus killing the woman named Clemency Shaw the wife of Stephen Shaw a doctor. They later found out that an arsonist did it. There are a lot of possible killers and Anne Perry is soo good as to concealing the real killer. You would really wonder who did it…. and would never know till the story ended.

Quotes I like:

Charlotte: “But we all need our heroes, and our dreams - real or false. And before you destroy someone else’s dreams, if they have built their lives on them, you have to put something in their place. Before, Dr. Shaw. Not afterwards. Then it is too late. Being an iconoclast , destroying false idols - or those you think are false - is great fun, and gives you a wonderful feeling of moral superiority. But there is a high price to speaking the truth. You are free to say what you choose- and probably this has to be so, if there is to be any growth of any ideas at all- but YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAST HAPPENS BECAUSE YOU SPEAK IT…

But you spoke it without thinking, or caring- and walked away. You thought truth was enough. It isn’t. Josiah at least cound not live with it-and perhaps you should have thought of that. You knew him well enough- youve been his brother-in-law for twenty years.

You had the power to see, you had the words, the vision-and youknew you were stronger than he was. You destroyed his idols, without thinking what would happen to him without them.”

It’s a good story about the Christian Hypocrites during those Victorian times. People are too afraid of the new ideas, thoughts, ways, actions. They say one thing and secretly do another. Typical church hypocrites. They have a lot restrictions… they dont encourage anything new… because they thought it was destructive.

There are a couple of people who stands out and says what they think openly without having to think what society would think of them. Although, one must really consider the RESPONSIBILITY of saying those words.. since one does not know it might ruin one man’s dreams. One must say it with care…. nice actually.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Angels Trilogy - Lurlene McDaniels

Summary & REVIEW of the Angels Trilogy by Lurlene McDaniels

Category: Books

Genre: Teens
Author: Lurlene McDaniels

It’s a story about a girl(Leah) whose real father died, whose mother remarried 5 times, and who does not love to be uprooted everytime her mother re-marries. She was taken to a hospital because her finger broke while her mom was having her honeymoon in Japan with Neil her husband #5.

Leah has a wardmate, a little Amish girl named Rebekah with a scorpion bite. Here you would know the difference between an Amish and an English person. Amish is a religious group who prefer to be separate among the modern people and prefer to call themselves “plain person”. They do not have elictricity, cars or anything modern. They live as farmers and carpenters in Nappanee.

Rebekah has a brother whom Leah fell in love with named Ethan. Here the test goes for the two people who are so different in ways and are worlds apart. Leah was also diagnosed with bone cancer, but was touched by an angel they believe was named Gabriella.

A family and a love story in one. It’s an ok story but exactly not that great for an 18 year old girl like me. Probably good for 13 year olds - 17 :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Island of the Blue Dolphins - Scott O`Dell

Summary & REVIEW of the Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O`Dell

Category: Books
Genre: Children
Author: ScottO`Dell

I kinda got sidetracked from my reading the Angels Trilogy by this book.

This book has a John Newbery medal as the Most Distinguished Contribution to American Literature for Children. True to the medal it sure is a great read, even though it seems like it’s for children.

The girl was left on an island by her tribe because she went after her brother who was also left on the island. It’s like a the girl friday right? (from Robinson Crusoe) Hehe.

I won’t spoil anything… just that…. EVERYTHING is really great for a children’s book.

This story was based on facts. There really was a girl left on an island and all that.

One better read this. It is soooo nice and a tear-jerker too.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

Summary & REVIEW of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

CAtegory: Books
Genre: Classic
Author: Jane Austen

I am so intrigued with this book. Everytime, I’m in some forum they usually recommend this book.

And now I will tell you.. and “shew” you what it is like to read this acclaimed book.

At first, I wasn’t thrilled when I was reading the first few chapters. It talks about balls, girls, mother-wanting-to-let-her-daughter-marry-some-rich-lad, and too English-y for me.

Or it was just the fact I got used with Meg Cabot’s easy writing that I suddenly want to read more Cabot’s… oops.. I’m talking about Austen’s.

Anyway, just read on because the ending sure is great. I appreciated the whole book because of how it ended. It was just soo nice.

You would then appreciate the different characters and all that. The amiable father, the ever ill-mannered (who improved in the end) and sometimes crazy mother, the very noble, beautiful firstborn Jane, the most-beloved daughter(of their father) Elizabeth, the bookworm Mary, the flirty Kitty and the foolish 16 yr. old Lydia, the nice man Mr. Bingley, the kinda-proud Mr. Darcy (who is really nice when deeply known), the foolish man Mr. Wickham, the Gardiners, Lady Catherine, Miss Bingley, Charlotte, Mr. Collins, the Philip’s, the Lucases…

Each possessed a different trait. Each played a nice role. Classic. -_-

Friday, January 5, 2007

The Mediator - #4 Darkest Hour - Meg Cabot

Summary & REVIEW of The Mediator - # Darkest Hour by Meg Cabot

Category: Books
Genre: Love
Author: Meg Cabot

A Cabot book is a fun read and a fast one at that. You can finish half day…. minus the work. Maybe 3 hours tops.. you’d be done and over with the book.

The good humor nature of the book, the not-so-big-words she use helps how fast you can read a Cabot book.

This is the first of the Mediator series I bought and read… (I actually did not know it was a series after I read it. Why on earth would I buy the #4 if it’s a series? rawr) Anyway, it’s fun… now I want to read the rest of Cabot’s Mediator series.

Fun Fun Fun plus ghosts… yay.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Scarlet Women - J.D. Christilian

Summary & REVIEW of Scarlet Women by J.D. Christilian

Category: Books
Genre: Mystery & Fiction
Author: J.D. Christilian

New York at 1871. The about-to-rise buildings and the slums living in New York and the Bronx and in Manhattan.

In New York where the pure and impure, the lady and the whore, the gentleman and the gang member all mixed up. It tells about the gangsters, the looters, the thieves, the immigrants forced to do the stealing and any illegal stuffs due to poverty. Where kids watch in awe and amazement as they wait for something to steal by the wharf.

In New York where the police and the rule of Tammany is coupled with graft and corruption. Where all the people who does illegal things just pay the cops and the cops get their own share and the illegal business can still go on with the protection of the cops.

The life in New York where women are not supposed to be in “business”. It’s also about the rise of the women’s movement… where women are about to stand up. The lady and the poor-girls who wants to improve their lifestyle.

A thriller, it tells about the murder of Alice Curry/Olcott and Moe Saul. Pretty nice. Good characters. Nice and entertaining.