Wednesday, March 7, 2007

One Missed Call 3 2006

Summary and Review of One Missed Call 3
Directed byTakashi Miike
Writing credits

Yasushi Akimoto (novel)

Minako Daira (screenplay)

Tagline: Death cannot be put on hold…

A class from Japan were on a graduation travel to Korea. One night most of the class were in a cabin telling horror stories and then one of them received a call. The girl who got it said it wasn’t her ringtone but it was her phone ringing so she picked it up. The voicemail message said “good-for-nothing” and it was her voice on the other line. Her friend checked her phone when she hanged up and they claimed she called herself.. and they said it was weird. She then received an MMS with a girl who was hanged.

The next day they went out to tour the city and the girl who got the first call was lost. She tried to phone someone and said “good-for-nothing” when she can’t make the call. She was shocked when she heard herself saying those words because that’s what she got last night. Go figure it out guys she was killed and ended up hanging.

After three deaths and those three all got the mysterious voicemessage and an sms that says “Death excemption by forwarding” and sometimes accompanied by a picture or a video… the whole class got freaked out. They freak when the phone rings which has one distinctive tone.

Typical Japanese horror film that would confuse you in the beginning and would leave you wondering in the end.

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