Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Take Over - Stephen Frey

OVERVIEW and SUMMARY of The Take Over by Stephen Frey

Category: Books

Genre: Thriller

Author: Stephen W. Frey

One of the reasons I bought this book was because of what USA today has to say about "Take-Over"

"Grisham meets Ludlum on Wall Street.. a fast-paced roller coaster" - USA Today

You see, Ludlum's my personal fave and anyone who gets compared to him.. I would always try to read it.

This book is about a blue blooded secret power, a shadowy organization called "The Sevens". The Sevens were involved in a conspiracy so big that it can take down the current administration of the USA and places the US economy into chaos. They executed this "Pleiade Project" so well that when it happens the only one who can save the economy would be the Sevens and they would be called heroes and admired by everyone.

One man named Andrew Falcon was set up to be involved in one of the biggest take-over in history, all because of a personal vendetta of the most powerful among the Sevens. Falcon was so excited about the whole thing and gets into job without knowing he was set-up and would have no protection whatsoever after the takeover happens. But, then Falcon grew suspicious and stumbled into discovering "The Sevens".

This book is a great read. It gets better every page and it keeps you hanging on the edge whenever an action takes place. This book has different villains. Villains you would love to hate. You would love this book if you are into conspiracy theories, political intrigue, enormous wealth, wall street, murders and cold blooded killings.

Mentions Philippines in one part....

"The ceiling, at least twenty five feet high, was covered with exotic Philippine shells."


Shoshana said...

This is a nice and compelling review.

I might even try him. I think I have him sitting on my shelf somewhere.

Have you tried Wally Lamb's She's Come Undone?

Nice book.

Anonymous said...

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jeeez, i want to read this one, sounds interesting

Apr 4, 8:18 AM