Monday, November 5, 2007

Firefly Beach - Luanne Rice

Category: Books

Genre: Family Relationships

Author: Luanne Rice

Overview and review of Firefly Beach by Luanne Rice.

Another wonderful "family story".

Luanne's pretty much famous for them and I really like her stories and the way she writes. How many times did I get to say that? :)

This story is about three sisters who are still haunted by the past. Caroline, Clea and Skye. Along with their mother who can't seem to forget the love she has for their father who died years back due to a tragedy.

Caroline played the responsible mother hen here since their mother is not yet over the fact how their lives turned out. Clea the middlechild is the only one who got a stable family after the tragedy. Skye is the problematic child who loves to drink.

I pretty much don't like the mother here.... but she is indeed blessed with her three daughters who came to understand her in the end.

The love story between Joe and Caroline is very moving as well. :P

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