Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dream Country - Luanne Rice

OVERVIEW and SUMMARY of Dream Country by Luanne Rice

Category: Books

Genre: Family

Author:LuAnne Rice

A story about a jewelry maker named Daisy who married a man from the west - a cowboy named James. Daisy gave birth to twins who were named Jake and Sage.

Their marriage fell apart when Jake disappeared without a trace …. and Daisy later left the West with Sage and settled back to New England where she came from.

Now.. Sage, has ran away….. and Daisy found out she is pregnant… they also found out she is heading West.. back to her father’s arms.

It’s another one of Luanne’s family drama.. A lovely story about love of a family.. and hope… It has it’s own thrill and twist. :) It’s a nice heartwarming stories.

One thing I like about Luanne is… the use of animals…. creatures.. legends and myths in her stories.. this time it’s the Snow Geese and the legends of the Indians. :P

Washakie!!! :)

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spoiledmoth said...

nakita ko book na ito sa Diplomat... mura lang... hmmm... una ko naisip, Luanne Rice - Related ba cia kay anne rice??? Nice wallpaper=)

Anonymous said...

mr. pencil | alamatnglapis.wordpress.com |

ganda ba niyan? sana, makita ko yan sa bookstore…

teka, may tanong ako…

hindi ba ikaw si “ang simula..”?! Kung hindi ikaw un, mayroong gumagamit ng pangalan mo… hehe.. :D

atska, paano mo ba nalagyan ng pix ung curretly reading… hehe.. hindi ko kasi alam kung ano sa sidebar widgets un… :D

Apr 14, 5:06 PM

Anonymous said...

cruise | cruise247.wordpress.com |

mukhang interesting na book, sana mabasa ko rin yan.

Apr 15, 2:13 PM — [

Anonymous said...


intriguing heheh… pero di ako fun reading ng drama at movies. iyakin kasi ako sobra. kaya iniiwasan ko na

Apr 15, 5:21 PM —