Sunday, November 25, 2007

One More Chance - 2007

Category: Movies

Genre: Love

Director: Cathy Garcia Molina

Overview and Review of One More Chance directed by Cathy Garcia Molina

Why I decided to watch this? A couple of people I know recommended the movie to me. (mind you, those people weren't into these kind of movies). They were gushing about the movie (ate kai kaw ha!).

I watched it with the girls which makes it fun.

The story actually revolves around Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo) who were planning to get married. They met as students in a certain university and did everything together. The perfect couple - ika nga.

But then, Basha wanted to at least "do something for herself", she basically want to do a thing where she's the one who gets to decide. Whatever it is she is doing Popoy would always have a say to it and she can't if he doesn't agree. The "controlling guy" in most relationships, yes. There's no doubt that Popoy only wants the best for Basha but still he could have at least given her "a say" in most matters. (BOYS! That's what girls needs! Support in every freakin way. Well not all the times but at least let HER breathe! Give her a chance to decide)

They broke up. Basha - wanting to find herself and do some things for herself without anyone trying to decide for her. *which is just right because she needs to learn how to appreciate herself this time before appreciating another person and sharing it. You can't give what you don't have*

Anyway, I won't divulge the whole plot.. since it won't be that exciting if you haven't watched it yet.

This movie is something different than other Pinoy Love Flicks. They say it has a unique storyline and I was thinking they wouldn't end up together because it's unique nga.

Very comical. Janus' part is very vital here. Harhar. I love the bond of their group of friends. very fun to see a group like that. They help each other. Very supporting. :)

The lines are all "quotable quotes".

Unforgettable line:

"You had me at my best. She had me at my worst."

and more. Just watch it.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Save Buckets

Category: Websites

Save a Whole Load of Money from Save Buckets!

If you are a person who compares prices before buying an item, say for example an MP3 player Save Buckets is the website for you. It shows you the prices of different MP3 Players around and what they have available. In their website you can choose which MP3 player suits your budget or better the MP3 player you prefer. Sounds good eh?

It's actually the newest price comparison site in town.

Other categories that they have available:

Baby Products,
Body Care Products - Yay! Body care... they have it!!
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Clothing - my favorite subject
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Electronic Games - woo e-gamers your hideaway!
Food, Drink & Tobacco - yes, they have food as well.
Games & Gadgets
Health & well-being - a place for health buffs!
Home & Garden - and for moms who have green thumbs!
Music - hey there musicians you have your place as well!
Office & School - office workers and students get your supplies from here and compare the prices
Sports & Leisure - calling all athletes and people who loves sports!
Tickets & Events -
Travel - hey jetsetter...
Video & DVD -

Thursday, November 22, 2007

What Dreams May Come - 1998

Category: Movie

Genre: Family

Directed by: Vincent Ward
Written By: (based on a book) Richard Matheson

Overview and Review of What Dreams May Come based on a book by Richard Matheson and directed by Vincent Ward.

*may contain spoilers. sorry*

First off - I just love the cinematography! So heaven-ly! Super.

I was baffled at the beginning because it started not the way I expected to start since I just read the book and the sequence of the book is still fresh with me. I was wondering why in the world Dr. Nielsen's children died when in the book they did not. And the man here named Dr. Nielsen was not a doctor in the book and his wife was not a painter in the book. That's why I was confused in the beginning.

There were stuffs that changed that I find at first very disappointing. But, just having seen Beowulf and having it altered from the real tale as well - gave me another light to the whole movie.

A lot loved the movie (those who did not read the book yet). It's literally a story of "eternal love" and all that.

I'm sure the cinematography of the movie helped a lot. When Dr. Nielsen (Robin Williams) was placed in one of his wife's paintings which was equally great (I was expecting the paradise) amused me. But, when Cuba Gooding Jr. showed the other side of the painting which was the "paradise" literally took my breath away. The colors.... hayyy.. so nice.

I saw from another review that the author reportedly was not happy with the film adaptation of this novel. He was upset that the studio changed the story a bit because they thought Chris' wife wouldn't be sympathetic if she committed suicide while her children were still alive. He also thought the depiction of Summerland (the most visionally stunning scenery in the movie) was over the top.

I would have to agree with the first point because I was also disappointed with the changing of story. It was part of the "love-story" thing. Because in the movie the wife was left alone without the children and her husband and so it is just not comforting living alone, right? In the book, the wife had her children supporting her to cope up with the loss but still unable too. It gives a different light right? The whole "life after death" thing was not emphasized well... which was just fine because I'm sure not everyone would appreciate the notion.

On the second part of Summerland going over the top well.... it was quite alright with me because it was the one that pulled off the movie and giving it one the highest ratings.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What Dreams May Come - Richard Matheson

Category: Books

Genre: Adventure

Author: Richard Matheson

Review and Overview of the book What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson.

THE BEST. THE best original love story. A love unending. Literally SOUL MATES. *hayy* *dreamy sigh*

This is a story about a man named Chris Nielson who died in a car accident leaving his wife mourning about him. Chris took quite a long time to progress because it's actually hard for the dead to progress if someone they cared about is having a hard time accepting they are dead. Specially if that someone happens to be your wife you love - oh so dearly.

It's a great story about Death, Life after Death, Heaven and Hell.

His writing makes you imagine about the paradise. Wooo.. how he paints it right with his words. I love the essence and the principles of Life After Death.

Great! Great! The Besssssst! Super Super. Love the book to bits!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beowulf - 2007

Category: Movies

Genre: Epic Adventure

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Tagline: Pride is the Curse

Overview and Review of Beowulf the movie directed by Robert Zemeckis

This is basically an ancient tale that is often read to childiren or assigned to be read in English/Reading subjects.

A lot were excited how it would go and all. I was kind of curious because it stars Angelina Jolie and I wasn't expecting much. Although, I was kind of expecting it would be super great.

This is a story of King Hrothgar's kingdom which was terrorized by the monster named Grendel. and help came from Beowulf an arrogant young hero(at least that's how I see him when he was young) with his amazing tales of how he killed sea monsters.

Why arrogant? Cause of this line:
"I am Ripper... Tearer... Slasher... Gouger. I am the Teeth in the Darkness, the Talons in the Night. Mine is Strength... and Lust... and Power! I AM BEOWULF!"

Visually - it was great. I mean it is 3-D and all (I wasn't expecting about that part). Although, it would have been better if it was done in real life - but I guess it would be too gross. I mean with all the men getting cut in half by Grendel?

There were some parts I did not particularly enjoy. Or it lacked something? I am not sure. All I know I wasn't "that" overwhelmed with the said movie, or maybe because I took it too seriously. Everything's just fine.

I love the soundtrack. "A Hero Comes Home". It fits the said movie. Nice Nice.

I have come to understand now that a movie that comes from a book or an epic would encounter a lot of changes. They usually don't stick to the story. They always add twists. And for the twist on this one..twas good! :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sweet Valley High - Lila's Story

Category: Books

Genre: Friendship

Creator: Francine Pascals

Overview and Review of Sweet Valley High's Lila's Story created by Francince Pascals.

This is basically a story that revolves around Lila and her father. Lila's parents are long divorced and Lila is already accustomed to it since all the attention from her wealthy father goes to her. She is one of the riches girls in Sweet Valley and very known to give out grand parties.

But, her father's attention is recently divided to a woman her father is currently dating. Lila is used to her father dating different women but not one woman that her father sees everyday and even to the point where the woman gets to stay in their house along with her daughter.

It's quite refreshing to read this teenie book which I grew up with ever since I was in grade school. Nice story.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Firefly Beach - Luanne Rice

Category: Books

Genre: Family Relationships

Author: Luanne Rice

Overview and review of Firefly Beach by Luanne Rice.

Another wonderful "family story".

Luanne's pretty much famous for them and I really like her stories and the way she writes. How many times did I get to say that? :)

This story is about three sisters who are still haunted by the past. Caroline, Clea and Skye. Along with their mother who can't seem to forget the love she has for their father who died years back due to a tragedy.

Caroline played the responsible mother hen here since their mother is not yet over the fact how their lives turned out. Clea the middlechild is the only one who got a stable family after the tragedy. Skye is the problematic child who loves to drink.

I pretty much don't like the mother here.... but she is indeed blessed with her three daughters who came to understand her in the end.

The love story between Joe and Caroline is very moving as well. :P

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