Sunday, February 13, 2005

About Coffee Milk (Espresso Break).

This is Coffee Milk or Espresso Break.

Why Coffee Milk and Espresso Break?

*When I was still a kid I really love my coffee with milk. *yes. I drink coffee ever since I was a kid.*Coffee with Milk - to strike the balance. Until now, I have a thing for coffee with milk. I'm not really a caffeine addict or anything but I love sipping coffee*with milk* specially when I'm reading a book.

Since, I am involved in a Network Marketing business that offers a Healthy Coffee I got the term "Coffee Break" from the company's monthly newsletters. Since, the coffeebreak is not available I coined it "Espresso Break" instead.

What is this?

This is a review blog.

Anything that needs a review, It could be a book I've read, a movie I've seen, a restaurant I've tried and even food I've eaten. Or just about anything under the sun that needs a review.

Writer’s Note: Please be reminded that ALL REVIEWS are based on my outlook and may differ from yours. You might like a certain movie that I rated low and you might dislike a certain book that I rated high. My tastes in food may vary as well as music I listen too and books I am reading.

I understand we all have different opinions and tastes… and these are mine. Feel free to give out yours using the comment boxes. I assure you, I would respect your opinion and would not just cast it aside.

There's More:

Aside from placing just reviews here, I also placed the answers from "personality quizzes" I took. From Tickle, Quizilla to Blogthings.

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