Friday, February 29, 2008

Disclosure - Michael Crichton

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Category: Books

Genre: Corporate

Author: Michael Crichton

Overview and Review of Disclosure by Michael Crichton.

*Already a Movie

A book that involves Title VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Title VII is a shattering case that would ruin a person's career and family.

This story involves Tom Sanders an up-and-coming executive at a a computer firm called DigiCom. Tom Sanders is a man whose corporate future is certain after working for about a decade in the company. Everybody in the company thought Tom Sanders would lead the AGP Division and would be deemed as Vice-President of the company, but they were wrong. A woman, named Meredith Johnson, Tom Sander's ex-lover back in Cupertino would be everybody's new boss.

After a closed-door meeting with Tom's new boss, Meredith - Sanders finds himself caught in a nightmare where he was branded as a villain.

Sanders tries to defend himself from the accusation, while doing so he unravels an electronic trail into the company's secrets.

At the afterword it says that this novel was based on a true story. But, it is also important to emphasize the fact that the story in it's present form is fiction. Because, all the information and necessary facts can be a risk to individuals and corporations involved, it was but necessary to disguise the real event with utmost care. All the principals in this case agreed to be interviewed with the understanding that their identification would not be revealed.

A clever, swell corporate-slash-techie-slash-law thriller. A modern technology with intrigue. Just like Robert Ludlum, Crichton sure knows how to keep the story moving, saving the best for last. This book shows that sexual harassment is not reserved for men on high positions but for women who can be at the top as well. I think, the book stresses the point that Harassment involves Power and thus it doesn't matter whether you are male or female. Anyone is capable.
Nice intriguing, informative and eye-opening book. I also love the techie jargon in this book. I still like his "Jurassic Park" novel better. Hehe.

Recommend: For people who loves "law and order" stories, "techie people", or for people who is into "corporate intrigue".

Monday, February 25, 2008

Dark Hollow - John Connolly

Category: Books

Genre: Mystery

Author: John Connolly

Overview and Review of Dark Hollow the author of the bestseller "Every Dead Thing" by John Connolly.

"Caleb Kyle, Caleb Kyle, when you see him run a mile."

A sequel to John Connolly's Every Dead Thing featuring Charlie "Bird" Parker .

Certain killing events followed one after another, the killings of a young woman named Rita Ferris with her son Donald at the hands of an unknown killer, and the past and present collided violently for Charlie Parker.

Charlie Parker has not yet overcome the death of her young wife Susan and daughter Jenny (Every Dead Thing), and with his return to Maine he reawakens the ghosts of his past, that actually forced him to join the hunt for Billy Purdue the ex-husband of Rita Ferris and the chief suspect for the slayings.

Charlie Parker does not believe that Billy killed his son and wife but to know the truth one must look for Billy. Charlie was not the only one who is looking for Billy, the Feds, the local police of Maine, and Tony Celli a mobman whom Billy owed is after him as well.

The search for who killed Rita Feris and among other brutal slaying led Charlie to a name Caleb Kyle. Caleb Kyle is a mythical killer in Dark Hollow. A myth and a bogeyman to most.

Very well-researched and you would have additional information and history to places he mentions. A dark, gruesome book and a lot of deaths surrounding the story. This is also a mix of some private eye mystery thriller and a bit of paranormal events. The last part gets better and it's not boring because it has humor interwoven in most parts. A disturbing because of all the ghosts and a brutal psychotic tale because of Caleb Kyle.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time for Sleep

Category: Furniture

Time for Sleep is a nice website that has a huge collection, styles and designs of bed. I really had a nice time browsing their place. They have leather beds, faux leather beds, divan beds, children's bed, wooden beds, Metal Beds, from french style beds to anique style beds, and even upholstered beds. In lieu of this they also have bedroom furniture as well.

To really have a good night's sleep one's bed must be chosen carefully and pretty much very comfortable. A bed plus a good mattress and nice soft beddings would complete it.

If you want to sleep in luxury, you can check out those classy leather beds. Among the leather beds I really like the Tuscany Black Bed. It's beauty and comfort all in one.

Among the faux leather bed, I got attracted to the Vienna Red Bed Frame. It's color and design are both attractive making it very distinct. It looks very good if one's room is painted in white and I'm thinking if I'm having my room repainted into white, this bed would definitely fit in.

I found the Chic Bed Frame from the Divan Bed category very unique! It's circular in shape that's why! It's classy and chic all at the same time. Ideal for singe sassy girls!

In the wooden bed category they also have different types of wooden beds to choose from: from light wood, oak beds, dark wood, painted wood and wooden sleigh bed. They really have an extensive collection of wooden beds.

In the painted wood category I found the French Belgravia very attractive. It is just so me. It's chic and fashionable. Very girly. The French Painted Rattan is also very homey and country looking. I always have this thing for country elegance.

Sorry, can't seem to think of picking just one. But if I have to choose among the beds I have picked out, it would have to be French Belgravia. As, I have stated it is just so me and I've always wanted to have a white bed. Chic.

If you are thinking of having to shop for a bed, why not consider Time 4 Sleep's huge collection of beds. They also have additional information below say for example a guide to choosing wooden beds and such. They also have information about people having trouble sleeping.

Various Movie Writers

Aibel, Jonathan

Angelo, Kate


Beattie, Stuart


Daves, Delmer


Logan, John


McCarey, Leo

McDuffie, Matthew



Sorkin, Aaron

A Few Good Men - 1998


Vitti, Jon


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Seventh Heaven - Alice Hoffman

Category: Books

Genre: Family & Friends

Author: Alice Hoffman

Overview and Review of the book entitled Seventh Heaven written by Alice Hoffman.

In this book, the author Alice Hoffman would take you to a suburban community and then explore what happens when a certain woman named Nora Silk comes to town with two kids named Billy and James with no father.

The community is the typical "conservative" community where everybody's pretty much doing the same thing. They all have identical houses and before the kids would get lost looking for their own home. If you are a first timer it would be hard to tell the houses apart.

Nora, on the other hand is one unique woman and caused the women in the community to talk about her and her nonexistent husband. And they all later figured out she was divorced. Just like a plague she was avoided by many and so is her son Billy. Billy gets bullied specially by his next door neighbor Stevie. Occasionally meeting and accidentally talking to Nora the people in the community begins to ask questions they never dared and ask and begin to find answers they never imagined.....

Alice sure is one great dreamy, storyteller with intriguing characters built in the story. She gives you lots of surprises along the way and every corner. A sparkling, entertaining end with a dazzling mix of ghosts, witchcraft and superstitions.

Your Choice

Category: Website

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This is an advertisement free guide when it comes down to choosing the right web host website whether it is personal or be it a business site. The focus of web hosting choice is on a searchable directory that helps you find web hosting plans that is pretty much suitable for a small personal site or a large community website.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

K is for Killer - Sue Grafton

Category: Books

Genre: Mystery

Author: Sue Grafton

Overview and Review of "K" is for Killer by Sue Grafton.

I was always with intrigued by Sue Grafton's books. She has this "A" for Alibi, "B" is for Burglar, and "C" is for Corpse. She has more books that is done alphabetically, which makes it unique and intriguing. And so, I bought one that started with a K and I have this "K" is for Killer.

It's basically an investigation done by a woman named Kinsey Milhone. I think all her(Sue Grafton) books are about the cases Kinsey would be solving. This one involves a death of a woman ten months ago and you'd be sure it would be on the files called "Cold cases". The woman that was found dead was identified as Lorna Kepler, found in a cabin and showing signs of rigor already. The police all agreed it was a murder but a month after the investigation no evidences turned up. Now, the mother of Lorna named Janice Kepler is desperate to find her daughter's murderer and be done with it. Kinsey suddenly finds about Lorna's life, associating with Lorna's friends: A late night DJ, a sweet teenage hooker, Lorna's landlord and his wife, and even his boss.

Sue Grafton has a knack for describing things. Her character Kinsey is not the usual serious investigator, mystery books portray. You would also know her personality along the way. I can't possibly say a lot because the book wasn't at all amazing. It's one of those books you pick up when you are bored and got nothing to do. I've heard a lot about Sue Grafton but I'm sure this is not one of her best.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sleepers - Lorenzo Carcaterra

Category: Book

Genre: Non-Fiction

Author: Lorenzo Carcaterra

Overview and Review of Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra a true story.

*It has a movie already.

The true West Side Story.

  1. Out of town hit man who spends the night after a local contract is completed.
  2. A juvenile sentenced to serve any period loonger than nine months in a state managed facility.

Hell's Kitchen is a place where everyone knows everything about everybody and everybody could be counted on. This is the West Side streets of Manhattan, where secrets lived and died on it. An area pretty much populated by a blend of Irish, Puerto Rican, Italian, and Easter European laborers.

John (The Count), Tommy (Butter), Michael (Spots), and Shakes (Lorenzo). Four boys inseparable, content and happy to live within the closed world of Hell's Kitchen in Manhattan. Having friends were important as neighborhood loyalty in Hell's Kitchen. They gave them an identity and a group one could trust that extended the bonds of family.

These four friends finds solace with each other's company since they can't find it in their own homes where their mothers are beaten and some of their fathers are out romancing other women. These four boys shared a common interest, like reading books, watching movies, listening to music, collecting classic illustrated comics and baseball cards, listening to Sam Cooke, Bobby Darin, Franki Valli and the Four Seasons on portable radios and playing pranks.

One prank would change their lives forever. One prank that would cost a man's dream to fade and a man to never walk again. One prank that could send them to a facility with multiple horrors to endure and one they would never forget. A mistake that would give them a heavy consequence.

It's a great "true-to-life" book. One that you could never put down and one that would make you read and read until the end. A story one could not forget and a horror you couldn't quite fathom if you live seeing the world in rose-colored glasses. One autobiography that never fails to put you in the edge, to bring tears in your eyes and make you laugh every once in awhile. It's amazing how he builds up the story up until the end. You would actually envy the way he depicted their childhood friendships. The bond they had when they were still young. I like the way he describes things. Everything seemed so important and so you want to read every line.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Los Alamos - Joseph Kanon

Category: Books

Genre: Thriller

Author: Joseph Kanon

Overview and Review of Los Alamos by Joseph Kanon.

Manhattan Project. This story practically revolves around Los Alamos where a laboratory in a remote community of secretly constructed buildings called The Hill, the world's most brilliant minds gathered for a mission to coordinate the scientific research of the Manhattan Project, a project to create the world's first nuclear weapon. Individuals - including scientists living on the Hill are all registered as numbers and all have "numbers" assigned to them. No real name to be divulged outside.

One incident that would involve the Hill would change a few historical facts. A man named Karl Bruner was found dead in a park in Santa Fe. This incident brought Michael Connoly to investigate the murder of a security officer. Along the way Michael found himself sleeping with another man's wife and a dead man's bed.

Very easy to read. Love the good easy movie-like conversations in the book. Rewriting history was particularly what the ending keeps telling, giving you ideas how "history" can be altered, one part hidden and lots of parts made up. It also involves real people like J. Robert Oppenheimer (1943-1945) who is one of the lead role in the book or General Leslie Groves and events like The World War II and the Project Trinity (Alamogordo, New Mexico). A thrilling novel and a love story to boot. Amazing how he builds up his characters so well and to include real people and blend them into a novel is one good feat.