Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dance With Me - Luanne Rice

Category: Book

Genre: Family

Author: Luanne Rice

Overview and Review of Dance With Me by Luanne Rice.

A very heartwarming story.

It's a story about a woman named Jane who had a baby even before she finished her college and her mom Margaret made a decision to have the baby and have it in for adoption so as she can finish her studies.

Little did Margaret realize that having a baby would always change a woman. Life would never be the same. Jane quit college, bearing with her heart the baby she would never have. She then became a baker and was New York's most loved bakery - Calamity Bakery.

She poured out her love for her baby when she bakes. Everything she bakes were all a reminder for her baby.

Now, she's back from New York. Her mother, Margaret is sick. With only Jane and Sylvie as family, they have to pitch in and help each other. While doing so, being back to Rhode Island means cleaning the family ghosts. Partly why Jane is back was for a chance to connect with her child. Her darling little child - Chloe.

I love the story. It tells about cats dancing in the silver moonlight, of apple trees and spring, apple pies and summer, deers, dolphins and sharks, of stars in the attic (a nice metaphor), of barn dances and the music.

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