Sunday, December 9, 2007

SVT #49 - The Twins' Little Sister

Category: Books

Genre: Series

Creator: Francine Pascal

Overview and Review of SVT series number 49 The Twins' Little Sister created by Francine Pascal.

Ever since they were young, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield always wanted a little sister. Seeing their friend Belinda Layton taking care of her baby brother (who is adorably cute like all babies) brought out their desire to have a baby sister

Jessica's been pleading her parents to have one. And she thought of a plan to convince their parents that they are old and responsible enough to take care of a baby sister. A chance arrived when a neighbor of theirs are to be on vacation leaving their 5 year old daughter Chrissy with the Wakefields.

Jessica and Elizabeth thinks it's going to be easy taking care of a little girl for a week but it proved to be wrong since Chrissy is spoiled even though sometimes she looks sweet and cute. Before the end of the week they began wishing she would just disappear....

It's a nice cute story for elementary kids who wants another sister or brother. :)

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