Monday, December 31, 2007

Saving Jessica Lynch - 2003

Category: TV Movie

Genre: War

Director: Peter Markle


Nicholas Guilak - Mohammed Al-Rehaief

Laura Regan - Private Jessica Lynch

Review and Overview of Saving Jessica Lynch a TV Movie directed by Peter Markle.

This TV movie is based on a true story of the rescue of 19 yr. old Private Jessica Lynch by the United States army in Iraq.

The opening went good specially the part where the 507th Maintenance Unit entered an Iraqi territory in Nasiriya unknowingly. They got captured when a mobile Jessica was riding on along with their troop crashed to a big supply truck.

Although there was nothing "heroic" about Jessica being in a hospital bed but, I guess the story is not just about Jessica Lynch but it's about Mohammed Al-Rehaief who was the "hero" of the story. He was a lawyer who risked his life along with his family to help save Jessica Lynch. In the movie, he did not approve to most of his country's ways.

Although, there were a few controversies surrounding the movie which I particularly don't understand. I'm sure there were flaws and a lot of things were added as what was stated before it started. It's just BASED on a true story.

All in all the movie was good. The opening was great. It gives you the feeling of being there minus the blood. You can see it with both eyes wide open (unlike some movies where they show you all the horrific details of a war). The sound effects was good.

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