Thursday, December 27, 2007

Prince and Me 2: The Royal Wedding - 2006

Category: Movie

Genre: Chick Flick

Director: Catherine Cyran


Luke Malby as Prince Edvard

Kam Heskin as Paige

Clemency Burton Hill - Kirstin

Overview and Review of Prince and Me 2 directed by Catherine Cyran

Crowned Prince Edvard (Luke Malby) and Paige (Kam Heskin) are both engaged to be married. The press in Denmark are talking about them NON-STOP. They should be married before the 23rd birthday of the Prince (He is the heir to the throne and he needs to get married to inherit the throne). Paige is juggling her medical studies while trying to organize her wedding and act as a "Crowned Queen".

Back in Norway a penniless cousin of the royal family finds an OLD LAW that states if a prince was crowned without a bride, his bride be of a royal Scandinavian Blood or he must relinquish the throne. This noble royal cousin happens to have a daughter named Kirstin who was also Edward's childhood friend.

Anyhow, that was how the movie started. Although, I can say there were a few loopholes about the facts in this movie which would prolly enrage some people in Denmark (as what I read in a review who apparently came from Denmark). But, movies make mistakes when it comes to facts and it sure wouldn't be that "believable".

I like how the story of this sequel went. It would've been better if they didn't change the cast. The new actress Kam Heskin looked a bit like "Julia" but she isn't Julia. I think Kam Heskin is a great actress and all, but the chemistry between her and Luke Malby(the Prince) was not that good. In these kind of movies... "Chemistry" between the actor and actress should be GREAT.

A good, clean fun movie in many ways. (not that great ok?)

There's a sequel to this... Prince and Me 3 a project for the year 2008. I do hope they don't change the characters this time.

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