Friday, December 14, 2007

V - A.C. Crispin

Category: Books

Genre: Science Fiction

Author: A.C. Crispin

Overview and Review of V written by A.C. Crispin based on the full ten-hour NBC-TV Miniseries.

Resist or Perish.

Tens of thousands of aliens or extraterrestrial beings arrived in huge spaceships the size of a metropolis. They came from a dying planet called Sirius light years away from the Earth.

They said they come in peace and humans embraced them because they don't look scary at all. They wanted a share of Earth's natural resources for their planet. But then, a lot of people - men and women - children and cities began to vanish from the earth a couple of months after they arrived.

I like how it was written. It gives you the chilling edge and would make you want to read more of the book. Although, the ending was kind of "hanging" in the end because of it's second book. It's a great story. Readers or Non-readers would love the book.

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