Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Living Magically - Gill Edwards

Category: Books

Genre: Self-Help

Author: Gill Edwards

Overview and Review of the book Living Magically by Gill Edwards

I have this thing for fantasy and magic. Well even though it's not really the "magic" as in David Blaine it was equally MAGICAL. Super Super.

I like the way Gill Edwards wrote the whole book. It was laid out wherein you would really get her point. It has lots of magical words that I really adore. It's a book filled with love and for you to realize that you can create your own reality.

It has a lot of exercises for you to conquer your fears and blockages. Also for reaching out for your Higher Self and Guides. Very helpful.

It would wake you up from this Dream... and begin creating your Reality.

Lovely. Lovely. :)


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