Monday, December 10, 2007

The Silent Cradle - Margaret Cuthbert

Category: Books

Genre: Medical Thriller

Author: Margaret Cuthbert

Overview and Review of The Silent Cradle written by Margaret Cuthbert.


The career of Dr. Rae Duprey vice chairman in the Obstetrics and Gynecology gets threatened by a series of "bad baby" cases from a Birth Center just across the hospital being run by her ex-lover Dr. Bo Michaels. The OBgyn department is also threatened to be sacked by the hospital's board of trustees in order to expand the Cardiac Department.

With only two weeks time frame to save the department, Dr. Rae Duprey must find out what is the mystery behind those "bad baby" cases coming out from the Birth Center.

This book is actually Margaret Cuthbert's first mystery book.

I always have a thing for mysteries and thrillers. The excitement of finding out the "right" antagonist. Reading too many Dan Brown novels gave me the idea of finding out the real antagonist, right before the middle of the story.

I said to myself, "The character *toot*... is the antagonist". you see, if you've read Dan Brown novels you'd understand what I am saying.

Anyway, I have to give credit to Margaret Cuthbert for putting me off the track making me doubt my suspicion - a lot of times. I have to rethink over and over again who is the real culprit.

Although I had trouble understanding her operating-table language, at least I learned words that are new to me. It was also a fast read! woot! :)

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