Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Turquoise Turkish Restaurant - Davao

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Place: SM City Davao

Merhaba! It's "Hello" in Turkish. I've been hearing a song two months ago when we were in Malaysia with the words "merhaba merhaba haba".

Anyhow, this is a new restaurant in Davao located in SM City. *Davao also offers a Pakistani restaurant and a Kebab resto downtown*

Since our taste buds wanted to eat something new, me and my parents decided to try it out. Of course, since this is a Turkish restaurant expect SPICE and everything Onion and Tomatoes.

I ordered their Chicken Curry, my Dad ordered Chicken Saute and my mom ordered something beef *I forgot the name of the dish* All three dishes were served in sizzling plates. By the looks of it, it's actually easy to make and there are more spices compared to the beef and chicken. I'm not a lover of spice and tomatoes but I managed to eat them. It's actually "yum".

Yemekleriniz chok leizizdi. Haha. And if you translate that into English it would be "The food was excellent".

We ordered Baklava. A dessert straight from Turkey for 69 pesos. It's soooo tiny and sweet. Uber sweet, really. But it's ok, since we just wanted to taste it. It's a delicacy from Turkey.

I like the interior of the restaurant. Every shades of "turquoise" is apparent. We actually love the lamp or something that came from Turkey. We asked the manager if we could possibly buy them and actually they are working something out to sell those and they would inform us soon and that would probably be done next year. We also met the nephew of the owner. A turk. A handsome one at that. Of course, Turks tend to be handsome naman talaga.

Since it's Turkish all food are HALAL certified.

Afiyet Olsoon *Enjoy Your Meal*

*i have pictures of the interior but its still on my phone. to follow na lang.*

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