Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mimic 3: Sentinel - 2003

Category: Movie

Genre: Suspense

Director: J.T. Penny

Awards: 3 Nominations

Tagline: Terror has been Reinvented!

Overview and Review of Mimic 3: Sentinel directed by J.T. Penny.

Marvin, a sickly, asthmatic and allergic amateurish photographer 24-yr-old guy is confined to an apartment room and spends most of his day taking pictures of people in the apartment building. He makes all pictures into a collage in his bedroom wall. Then two of his subjects disappeared a young boy and Desmond a drug dealer and a friend of his sister Rosy. With the aid of Rosy and Carmen (a neighbor he admires) they are about to uncover the truth behind the Garbage Man(the one they suspect to be behind everything).

Personally, I was quite disappointed with the movie. I was expecting it to be soo scary compared to the first 2(two) Mimic movies. The story was SLOW. You would only shout at the near end (second disc on our case)... and that's about it.

But some would love the movie. It was done artistically. And since I learned it was a low-budgeted movie, the director actually balanced it all out. The voyeuristic style of the movie was unique.

If you want to scream, don't watch this. If you want something unique, go watch it. :)


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