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Birds Of Prey - J.A. Jance

Summary and Review of Birds of Prey by J.A. Jance

Category: Books

Genre: Suspense

Author: J.A. Jance

The story takes place aboard a cruise ship named Starfire Breeze cruising in Alaska. Everybody was out there to of course just kick back and relax.

Until two unexpected events that killed two people panicked the rest of them. An ex-homicide cop named J.P. Beaumont was there to at least enjoy the whole thing and rest and heal some wounds while accompanying or to chaperone his grandmother and his step-grandfather who just got married and is on their honeymoon stage but he quickly got involved with the event.

Basically, it’s a fast read and J.A. Jance has a nice humorous side.. which is actually good. Good for a couple of hours reading. Easy to read… and thrilling at the same time. Nice plot and kinda unique.

It actually mentions the Philippines as well but not in a good light people.

Among the hired help, there seems to be a caste system on board cruise ships. At least that was true on Starfire Breeze. Sailors who did grunt labor on board were mostly of Far Eastern extraction– mainland Chinese and Korean. Room attendants, kitchen help, and servers in the buffet areas tended to hail from the Philippines. In the dining room, the wait-staff personnel seemed to be Portuguese or Italian, with the supervisors-headwaiters- and maitre’d’s–all Italian. The young folks in crisp white uniforms who worked behind the counter at the purser’s desk and the people who manned the cash registers in the concessions–the gift shops and bars — tended to be Brits or Americans, while the captain and other top-echelon officers are Italian.

Oh well. At least Pinas got mentioned once again. :)

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