Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Swiss Deli - Davao

Category: Restaurant / Food

A review and overview of Swiss Deli.

Swiss Deli is a restaurant located in front of Damosa and beside Chevrolet.

It's been there for a couple of years but we haven't even dropped by and tried what they have to offer. Just recently they expanded. Expansion means good business and since it's a restaurant it must've something in their dish that is good.

Before 2007 ended we got to dine with my family at Swiss Deli.

Just from the looks of the place it gives us the air that screams EXPENSIVE. Yes, it sure is. But it is not expensive for nothing.

Before you enter the dining area, you will be greeted with a variety of Swiss goods from chocolates to wines and hams. So, it's basically not just a restaurant but a specialty store rolled into one.

If you are looking for a place here in Davao that serves Turkey, this place is just the restaurant that would do you a favor. It serves Turkey. Yum. I finally got the chance to eat one. They have a variety of sausages for you to choose from their menu.

When you go here do not look at the price. Just order. Hehe.

I like the way they served the Tiramisu. Totally different from the one in La Toscana (but I guess I prefer the La Toscana style).

Pictures would follow. It's on my mom's phone. :)


Felisa said...

Mmm... that made me crave for those party platters with the cheese and the slices of meat. Yummers!

Abby said...

This is one of my fave in Davao too! And yes, it might be expensive but it is definitely worth the price. I did not mind the bill at all given the quality of the food :)