Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Angel is Near - Deepak Chopra and Martin Greenberg

Category: Book

Genre: Spiritual / Fiction

Author: Deepak Chopra and Martin H. GreenBerg

Overview and Review of The Angel Is Near by Deepak Chopra.

If you are born with wings, do nothing to stop them from growing.

The story started with two soldiers in a small village in Kosovo who heard about a strange sound coming from an old abandoned church and once inside they were struck down by a flash of blinding light. A story about an American Doctor named Michael Aulden who found himself in an event so different from what he calls REAL. He is living two situations at the same time. He was able to separate himself from his body and he was given the chance to re-create his current reality.

The first "Deepak Chopra" book I have read.

Though it is fiction it is also very enlightening. It brought me once again to light. It reminded me once again to just be in the light when one is in the dark. This basically talks about guides and angels.. very nice. I like the "Angel's Voice" part here.

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