Monday, January 14, 2008

SVU Thriller Edition - Killer at Sea

Category: Book

Genre: Thriller

Creator: Francine Pascal

Overview and Review of Sweet Valley University's Thriller Edition entitled Killer at Sea created by Francine Pascal.

Jessica Wakefield and Nick Fox went sailing spontaneously. Nick Fox wanted to be away from his work as a detective because his recent case went haywire and he wasn't feeling up to par. His boss gave him a break to unwind.

Elizabeth Wakefield was deeply troubled of leaving Jessica to Nick that time because Nick was in a bad mood. The gut feeling of a twin sister is taking it's toll. Little did they know Jessica and Nick would pick up to help the guy at sea.

Entertaining. With an air of a "this-should-be-a-tv-series". Not one of SVU's best but equally entertaining.

Nick: You don't need make-up! Who's crazy enough to bring mascara on a sailing trip?
Jessica: Give me a little credit, Nick. It's waterproof.

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