Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Last Family - John Ramsey Miller

Category: Books

Genre: Thriller

Author: John Ramsey Miller

Overview and Review of The Last Family by John Ramsey Miller.

Martin Fletcher may be your worst nightmare. You may wish you never knew him. He is insanely clever and he is back for revenge. He wants to eat your heart out by going after your family.

Paul Masterson hibernated to a mountain in Montana six years ago when an ambush left him half-blind and mutilated (almost). HIs self-esteem went back to zero, he left his family and punished himself by being alone and tormented.

In 3-4 years the families of his 3(three) friends (Rainey, Joe and Thorne) died on separate accounts either by accident so no one would suspect. And Paul's family is the last target. Rainey's family was the last to be annihilated (sounds so holocaust-y right?) and Martin left his mark on Rainey's wife.

Well-written. High family drama and an intense thriller rolled into one. You would almost suspect everyone in the book like what I did with Reid and Woody. A sudden turnabout would surprise you in the near end, one you wouldn't really expect and did not see coming. Although, I was quite disappointed with the ending because it did not say much about Paul and Laura's relationship. Left it hanging.

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