Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Enchanted Love - Marianne Williamson

Category: Book

Genre: Self-Help

Author: Marianne Williamson

Overview and Review of Enchanted Love a Guide to Intimate Relationships by Marianne Williamson.

It's a nice book, although I can't quite grasp some aspects in the book. Maybe, it's just too deep or something. It helped me clear out some baggages or questions I have about love this time. She would take you to another realm.

She's a great writer. She uses enchanting words and quite fit for the title. She uses a lot of picture language I have a hard time picturing out.

I recommend this book to people who are having trouble with their partners, are stuck from a past love, wants to fall in love, divorced people, people who are in and out of relationships sometimes. It's not a how-to book but somehow it sheds a lot of light to what you are going through. It can lighten up your load.

Happy, Enchanting Love!

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