Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Anastasia Syndrome and other stories - Mary Higgins Clark

Category: Books

Genre: Thriller

Author: Mary Higgins Clark

Overview and Review of the Anastasia Syndrome and Other Stories (Lucky Day, Double Vision and The Lost Angel) by Mary Higgins Clark.

I was always curious as to how Mary Higgins Clark writes. Finally, I got the chance to read one of her book that has lots of different stories written by her.

The Anastasia Syndrome - 3 and a half

The title refers to a drug used to regress a certain person back to history. A story that transported me to old English history with King Charles I and King Charles II because it involves a woman named Judith Chase who is a historical writer. Judith Chase was an orphan during World War II. Part of writing English History was the plan of tracing back her origins/roots. In one social gathering, she met a Doctor who was deemed a charlatan by the many because of his discovery of the "Anastasia Syndrome".

Very nicely written, and what a twist. She builds your tension right from the beginning to the end. No happy-endings with her though.

Lucky Day - 4

A man named Bill was telling everybody he met that he was feeling lucky. During that lucky day he was found dead during a cold wet night at a park. Nora one of the person Bill loves to gab with felt sorry for the old man and was determined to find out about his death.

Even though the story is short, it is still filled with suspense. It also managed to be mysterious up until the end. An ending I wasn't expecting. Nice twist but sad.

Double Vision - 2 and a half

This is about a frustrated psychotic actor named Jimmy who is out to get Caroline who he believes to have spoiled his acting career and at the same time calling her his "jinx".

Not one of her best but equally entertaining.

The Lost Angel - 2 and a half

This story tells of a lost girl named Jamie and was found posing for a magazine as an angel.

Sweet story and it did not lack the thrill. Sweet ending.

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