Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo - 2007

Category: Movie

Genre: Comedy

Director: Jose Javier Reyes


Judy Ann Santos -------- Angie

Ryan Agoncillo -------- Jed

Tuesday Vargas

Overview and Review of Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo directed by Jose Javier Reyes.

Real life couple Judy Ann Santos (Angie) and Ryan Agoncillo (Jed) stars this movie. This is a story about the trials of a "married life" and parenthood in a Pinoy kind of way. They have a new-born baby named Raphael (Rapha) - and they are torn between who would watch out for the baby. Juggling the baby and their jobs. Plus, the trouble of Jed dealing with his mother (Gloria Diaz) and Angie dealing with her mother dating a 3-times widower balikbayan person (Freddie Webb). Also the trouble between Jed's mother and Angie's mother.

I had fun with the movie. I like the punchlines. Partly why I decided to go and watch it because of the punchlines you get to hear on the trailers. I also like the movie because of Tuesday Vargas. Any movie with her would make it even more funnier. Judy Ann Santos is soooo beautiful in this movie - I am not much of a Juday fan but she looks great in this movie. Also to Ryan Agoncillo - he looks great with his hairdo. Their tandem is just soo good that even if the movie is supposed to be pure fun and comedy - you'd prolly be "kilig" a few times because of their chemistry.

I was wishing I've seen the prequel which was "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo". The title of the movie is more like "Shake, Rattle and Roll" since each word have their own corresponding story.

The transitions were too fast and seems like it's in a rush for the punchline but at least the story in this movie was grounded to Pinoy reality - that's why almost everyone can relate to it.


Angie: Wag mo kong sigawan! "Don't shout at me!"
Jed: Hindi ako sumisigaw, nilalakasan ko lang for emphasis! "I'm not shouting. I'm just saying it out aloud for emphasis."

Angie: Mag boyfriend ba kayo ?
Angie's mom: Hindi...
Angie: So, friends lang kayo?
Angie's mom: Let's just say we're more than friends.
Angie: Ang showbiz naman ng sagot mo.

and a whole lot more I can;t remember. I'd prolly buy the two Vcd's once I see them at the store. hehe.

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banggigay said...

i like also how rafa speaks in bisaya bcos of her bisaya yaya. i find it sooo cute :-)