Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Predator - Jack Olsen

Category: Books

Genre: Non-Fiction, Based on a True Story

BAuthor: Jack Olsen

Overview and Review of Predator a book written by Jack Olsen.

This is a true story about a man named "Steve Titus" (a pseudonym to protect the identity) who was falsely accused of raping a woman named Celia Dalton. For eight (8) long months he suffered under a trial he did not commit. Along with it his career and sense of well-being ended.

The work was done by a serial rapist / psychopath who raped about 50-55 all in all named Mac Smith (a pseudonym as well).

There sure are some loopholes in every government system and this book shows how it could be made possible. I'm sure there are many others who were convicted of a crime they did not commit and that is just so sad.

The end was more like a report of events of what happened after uncovering the real story with the help of a journalist. It was reported and well accounted in the book. The family that Mac Smith grew up with.

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