Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Roses are Red

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The New Year is here and Valentine's is slowly creeping it's way in. Filling the streets with love and painting the town red. Wouldn't it be lovely to receive roses along the way, specially if it is from someone special?

A Rose is the next best thing after tulip for me. In just a few days I am sure that roses would be in demand because of the coming Valentine's Day.

Imagine with me a bouquet of roses. Would you rather have it all red, white or yellow? I think I would have mine pink. Yay! Or would you rather have it mixed with all different colors.

Presentation is almost as important as to the roses itself. How it was delivered, arranged and where it is placed is very vital.

Like this Rose Trellis that is arranged with red roses and pink carnations. The said enchanting spin on the traditional dozen roses with carnation arrangement will send your Valentine reach for the stars.

If you are a person who is just so uber romantic and wants to show your lover that your love is just so abundant you can present her with the "Abundant Love Bundle" set. It has a dozen exquisite red roses set in a very cute red glass vase, plus a heart shaped box of delicious Harry London chocolate ruffles and a plush bear with a red satin ribbon and a keepsake tote bag.

I personally like the "Sweetheart Bouquet" by Julie Mulligan which is a charmer! I would love to have that bouquet. It is just so lovely, sweet and colorful (hot pink, orange and yellow roses). It is also complimented by a special acrylic -colorful hearts that is meant to fill the outer rim of the vase.

Choose your bouquet for a very special someone this Valentine's!

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