Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What Dreams May Come - Richard Matheson

Category: Books

Genre: Adventure

Author: Richard Matheson

Review and Overview of the book What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson.

THE BEST. THE best original love story. A love unending. Literally SOUL MATES. *hayy* *dreamy sigh*

This is a story about a man named Chris Nielson who died in a car accident leaving his wife mourning about him. Chris took quite a long time to progress because it's actually hard for the dead to progress if someone they cared about is having a hard time accepting they are dead. Specially if that someone happens to be your wife you love - oh so dearly.

It's a great story about Death, Life after Death, Heaven and Hell.

His writing makes you imagine about the paradise. Wooo.. how he paints it right with his words. I love the essence and the principles of Life After Death.

Great! Great! The Besssssst! Super Super. Love the book to bits!!!

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