Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beowulf - 2007

Category: Movies

Genre: Epic Adventure

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Tagline: Pride is the Curse

Overview and Review of Beowulf the movie directed by Robert Zemeckis

This is basically an ancient tale that is often read to childiren or assigned to be read in English/Reading subjects.

A lot were excited how it would go and all. I was kind of curious because it stars Angelina Jolie and I wasn't expecting much. Although, I was kind of expecting it would be super great.

This is a story of King Hrothgar's kingdom which was terrorized by the monster named Grendel. and help came from Beowulf an arrogant young hero(at least that's how I see him when he was young) with his amazing tales of how he killed sea monsters.

Why arrogant? Cause of this line:
"I am Ripper... Tearer... Slasher... Gouger. I am the Teeth in the Darkness, the Talons in the Night. Mine is Strength... and Lust... and Power! I AM BEOWULF!"

Visually - it was great. I mean it is 3-D and all (I wasn't expecting about that part). Although, it would have been better if it was done in real life - but I guess it would be too gross. I mean with all the men getting cut in half by Grendel?

There were some parts I did not particularly enjoy. Or it lacked something? I am not sure. All I know I wasn't "that" overwhelmed with the said movie, or maybe because I took it too seriously. Everything's just fine.

I love the soundtrack. "A Hero Comes Home". It fits the said movie. Nice Nice.

I have come to understand now that a movie that comes from a book or an epic would encounter a lot of changes. They usually don't stick to the story. They always add twists. And for the twist on this one..twas good! :)

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