Monday, November 12, 2007

Sweet Valley High - Lila's Story

Category: Books

Genre: Friendship

Creator: Francine Pascals

Overview and Review of Sweet Valley High's Lila's Story created by Francince Pascals.

This is basically a story that revolves around Lila and her father. Lila's parents are long divorced and Lila is already accustomed to it since all the attention from her wealthy father goes to her. She is one of the riches girls in Sweet Valley and very known to give out grand parties.

But, her father's attention is recently divided to a woman her father is currently dating. Lila is used to her father dating different women but not one woman that her father sees everyday and even to the point where the woman gets to stay in their house along with her daughter.

It's quite refreshing to read this teenie book which I grew up with ever since I was in grade school. Nice story.

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