Thursday, November 22, 2007

What Dreams May Come - 1998

Category: Movie

Genre: Family

Directed by: Vincent Ward
Written By: (based on a book) Richard Matheson

Overview and Review of What Dreams May Come based on a book by Richard Matheson and directed by Vincent Ward.

*may contain spoilers. sorry*

First off - I just love the cinematography! So heaven-ly! Super.

I was baffled at the beginning because it started not the way I expected to start since I just read the book and the sequence of the book is still fresh with me. I was wondering why in the world Dr. Nielsen's children died when in the book they did not. And the man here named Dr. Nielsen was not a doctor in the book and his wife was not a painter in the book. That's why I was confused in the beginning.

There were stuffs that changed that I find at first very disappointing. But, just having seen Beowulf and having it altered from the real tale as well - gave me another light to the whole movie.

A lot loved the movie (those who did not read the book yet). It's literally a story of "eternal love" and all that.

I'm sure the cinematography of the movie helped a lot. When Dr. Nielsen (Robin Williams) was placed in one of his wife's paintings which was equally great (I was expecting the paradise) amused me. But, when Cuba Gooding Jr. showed the other side of the painting which was the "paradise" literally took my breath away. The colors.... hayyy.. so nice.

I saw from another review that the author reportedly was not happy with the film adaptation of this novel. He was upset that the studio changed the story a bit because they thought Chris' wife wouldn't be sympathetic if she committed suicide while her children were still alive. He also thought the depiction of Summerland (the most visionally stunning scenery in the movie) was over the top.

I would have to agree with the first point because I was also disappointed with the changing of story. It was part of the "love-story" thing. Because in the movie the wife was left alone without the children and her husband and so it is just not comforting living alone, right? In the book, the wife had her children supporting her to cope up with the loss but still unable too. It gives a different light right? The whole "life after death" thing was not emphasized well... which was just fine because I'm sure not everyone would appreciate the notion.

On the second part of Summerland going over the top well.... it was quite alright with me because it was the one that pulled off the movie and giving it one the highest ratings.


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