Sunday, August 12, 2007

Into the Garden - V.C. Andrews

Category: Books

Genre: Psychological

Author: V.C. Andrews

Overview and Review of Into the Garden by V.C. Andrews

The fifth book of the series Wildflowers.

Four teenage girls named Misty, Jade, Star and Cat first came together in Dr. Marlowe's group therapy sessions. They began trusting each other for their most kept secret. They unraveled and shared their story to the rest of the girls bravely. But then Dr. Marlowe's group therapy sessions ended and they did not know whether they would see each other.

This book is narrated by Cat and is based on her own perspective. She kind of played the major role in this book.

Once again the four decided to come together one more time minus Dr. Marlowe and shared a pact with each other, that the four would share the REAL TRUTH and nothing but the truth to each other, and to hide no secrets. They called themselves OWP's (Orphan's with Parents).

It's kind of unthinkable what the four did in this story and managed to get away with it in the end thanks to Dr. Marlowe. I was completely mollified as to what they would do to their situation.

But the story ended pretty well though. Unpredictable plot. :)

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banggigay said...

honestly, i super enjoy reading vc andrew's works way back in high school. (even that of the ghost writer) :-)

i don't know but i alway's end up turning the pages and finish the book in one sitting because i cant let go of its pace.