Monday, August 6, 2007

Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling

Category: Books

Genre: Fantasy

Author - J.K. Rowling

Review and overview of the last book of the Harry Potter series entitled Deathly Hallows.

No spoilers.

From the beginning the book would then immerse you into the magical world of Harry Potter (as usual). It's a book that I can hardly put down because I immediately imagined being there myself.

It started out with Harry leaving the Dursley's for the last time with the rest of the Order to help Harry go out of the place undetected by Voldemort.

A lot of action and a lovely adventure. You would learn a lot about Dumbledore's background and somehow I was quite disappointed with Dumbledore when I found out a bit about his background, but the ending made me admire Dumbledore even more.

I cried a few times over emotional (or I'm just too much of an emo and characters get attached to me right away) scenes. But then, in the end it left me with a good feeling about the characters I cried over.

The book mentioned a lot of things about death. How, it is just a transition to another world to the next... and I like the message about death here.

Of course, at the end it's a battle between Harry and Voldemort.

Very exciting, and immersing! :)


Felisa said...

Oh, it is such a good book! It was really depressing cuz people were dying left and right but it answered all my questions and it was amazing. The only downside to it is... now, I don't have another HP book to look forward to! :(

banggigay said...

i've yet to finish the book. but so far so good. i like how characters are unfolded and were given depth. :)