Friday, February 23, 2007

The Wildflowers - V.C. Andrews

Category: Books

Genre:Teens & Family

Author: V.C. Andrews

Four “Orphans with Parents” as what Misty called themselves in therapy under Dr. Marlowe.

Misty, Star, Jade and Cat. They were asked to be in group therapy since their cases are somewhat like each other.

Misty shared about her life first she is an only one child, she shared how her parents went through a divorce and how it affected her, her lovelife and everything. She even tried to run away and was brought back home when her boyfriend tried to steal a convenience store and they were caught. That’s why she is in therapy because of that.

Star is black and her father went away and never came back. Her mother was a drunkard and she has a brother whom she was like a mother too. When her mother went away with another man promising to return with more money they were placed with their wise grandmother. Star loved her grandmother soo much and hermother just called once in awhile to promise them that she will give them a good life. Until now, her mother hasn’t reurned. Star’s special someone was in a situation like his but in a different view… anyhow the guy died.. that’s why Star is in therapy because she was in turmoil.

Jade is richer than Misty. Like Misty she is an only child. She lives with her mother and father under one big house while her parents fought for her custody. Trying to win her heart…. and give her poison (sweet stuffs, treat her and all that) just so she would say something good about them to the judge. But, she knew her parents never really cared they just want to show each other who is superior whoever gets to win the battle. Like Jade she ran away to San Francisco meeting up with her chatmate Loneboy. It turned out her chatmate was a psycho and she was locked up in the house for 2 days. When she went home nobody noticed she was gone. She kept it all up inside her and burst out when she’d had enough.

Cat a very elusive and mysterious girl to the rest of the three. She rarely speaks and smile. It turned out that she was adopted and she was somewhat “molested” by her father. But she never knew about it since she though her father loved her. No one was affectionate to her even her mother. Her mother is like a psycho also… very old-fashioned. She never lets Cat wear any modern clothe that shows this and that she always let her wear a size bigger than her size. She was sent to therapy when they learned about what her so-called father did to her.

They’re all like some wildflower growing out of the garden, untended, left to fend for themselves most of the time, to pray for the right amount of rain and sunshine because there’s not enough water to nurture them.

When they found each other and formed the OWP club they were like wildflowers who found their own private garden. :)

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