Friday, August 10, 2007

Imay's - Bacolod

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Imay's in Bacolod is one of the "must-try-it" restaurants in their place.

Everything is great about the place. The facade and the interior and even the background music suits the ambience (bossa nova songs). It's usually full when the clock strikes 8pm. People would probably eat here before partying.

Just like Hyskos they serve GREAT food and it comes inexpensively.

Cheese Sticks - Php 55.00

For appetizers, I tried their cheese sticks and when it arrived I was surprised because they made it differently compared to what I am used to here in Davao. In Davao cafe's they serve cheese sticks using the "lumpia wrapper", but here I think they use bread crumbs or something... I'm not sure. And you wouldn't dare say it's "bitin" because it's full of cheese.. super super. Soo... cheese lovers this is the treat for you. :)

Sizzling Tuna Belly

Since, I have a thing for "sizzlers" I ordered a sizzling bangus and sizzling tuna belly. Both, tasted great as in SUPER to the max (what an exaggeration, but really!). I really enjoyed eating at the place because the food was great hehe. (And you wouldn't worry about ordering a lot since the price is very affordable.)

Sizzling Tuna Bangus (veryy yum).

I have been eating sea foods and never veggies during my stay in Bacolod, so we decided to order two vegetable dishes.

We had the "Grilled Eggplant topped with tomatoes". I don't know how it is officially called. I'm sure anyone who hates eating veggie would love to try this because it is justttt sooo yummy!!.

Grilled Eggplant topped with tomatoes & Porbidang Kang Kong

We also had the "Porbidang Kang Kong". The name perked my interest. Maybe it is called "porbida" because it is hot and spicy at the same time. I'm a person who does not like hot and spicy foods that much (anything too much) but this one was just right. Another Yum! Super Super. I'm actually asking my mom to make this dish. Hehe.

Dessert: Guinamis and Blueberry Cheesecake.

So, I had blueberry cheesecake for dessert. Since, I am a cake person I just have to have a bit. Haha. It's also yummy.... i think all cakes for me are yummy. Not expensive also it's just Php55.00 (not bad cause in Davao this cost from 80-120).

I also had the guinamis. Full of sago and gulaman. ALmost like a halohalo but not quite. Just fine.


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